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Translation Services Benefits for Clients  

Working in the language services industry, it is clear to see that often businesses and professionals often don’t understand the need for a professional language translation, or the benefits of having business and marketing materials translated and often times view using a translation service as an unnecessary expense. The fact is that for any company doing business in foreign markets, or companies wishing to expand into foreign markets, or even wishing to communicate with customers and staff around the world, translating company documentation, websites […]

How many words per day?  

One topic most freelance translators just starting up their business devote some thought and calculations to, is this: How many words am I supposed to translate per day? Well, it is a tricky question – and it doesn’t really have an answer! We all have different working approaches, different speciality fields, different software etc. This makes it very difficult to generalize. You will soon notice yourself; two texts of equal length will take you different long to translate. The main factors involved in deciding […]

What LSPs Say vs. Mean: The Watering Down of “Localization”  

I have the privilege of working with lots of new clients at Moravia. This means that I can find myself talking to people with decades more experience than myself one day, and the next day talking to a green marketing manager who is trying to get their head around this whole localization thing. In my experience engaging with clients large and small, experienced and inexperienced, I have noticed that there are some terms or concepts that are inevitably discussed, but which are either consistently […]

Does speaking several languages really make you smarter?  

Over the past few years, countless studies have come to the conclusion that bilingualism provides more than just an advantage when we’re travelling or conducting meetings with foreign business partners. It’s also good for the brain: individuals who speak more than one language supposedly have higher levels of cognitive ability than those who don’t. According to the Daily Mail, the researchers originally set out to examine whether or not knowing more than one dialect was as beneficial to the brain as bilingualism. Using the […]

All New Theories And Concepts About Translation In New Century  

Translation is ultimately a human activity which enables human beings to exchange ideas and thoughts regardless of the different tongues used. Al Wassety (2001) views the phenomenon of translation as a legitimate offspring of the phenomenon of language, since originally, when humans spread over the earth, their languages differed and they needed a means through which people speaking a certain language (tongue) would interact with others who spoke a different language. Translation is, in Enani’s (1997) view, a modern science at the interface of […]