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Translation Services Benefits for Clients  

Working in the language services industry, it is clear to see that often businesses and professionals often don’t understand the need for a professional language translation, or the benefits of having business and marketing materials translated and often times view using a translation service as an unnecessary expense. The fact is that for any company doing business in foreign markets, or companies wishing to expand into foreign markets, or even wishing to communicate with customers and staff around the world, translating company documentation, websites […]

How many words per day?  

One topic most freelance translators just starting up their business devote some thought and calculations to, is this: How many words am I supposed to translate per day? Well, it is a tricky question – and it doesn’t really have an answer! We all have different working approaches, different speciality fields, different software etc. This makes it very difficult to generalize. You will soon notice yourself; two texts of equal length will take you different long to translate. The main factors involved in deciding […]

6 Necessary Skills for Any Translators  

Anyone doing any job must possess a particular set of skills. Identifying what are essential skills in work is a decisive factor in the development of the workers themselves. Gathering and mastering those necessary skills will help workers feel easier at work, achieve higher performance as well as better quality. Workers will not find themselves struggling to find a way to perform their tasks, but instead, they will find it smooth and quick. Let’s go over the top 6 basic skills below for translators. […]

Looking up terms in translation  

In the 21st century, the trends of globalization and integration have led to a huge demand for translation. Obviously, the role of translation in integration and development has been more important. However, translation is far from an easy, simple job. To produce a quality translation, translators must have a lot of qualities and master essential skills such as reading comprehension, looking up, proofreading, etc. This blog will focus on discussion about looking up skill, a vital one contributing to the success of a translation. […]

Difficulties When Translating Financial Statements  

It is highly important to work professionally and strictly on translating and revising texts, not only to offer a product that contains the highest quality and is 100% equivalent to the original text, but also to avoid potential problems related to an error-ridden translation, which can, especially when dealing with Financial Statements, be highly important since the quality of the translation can affect the signing of contracts worth millions of dollars or even cause a company to lose millions of dollars as the result […]

Notes about using dashes and hyphens in English and Vietnamese  

Dash and hyphen are used with great frequency in texts, however, these two symbols are often confused with each other in both English and Vietnamese. Distinguishing between dash and hyphen Dash is a symbol used to separate parts of a sentence, while hyphen is used for words. Dash (–), with the same length as that of the normal character “n”, is placed between the preceding word and the following word with or without a space, while hyphen (-), shorter than the dash, is written […]

Difficulties faced in legal document translation  

Legal parlance if it needs translation, needs the services of an expert that is highly knowledgeable in legal terms and practices. Translating legal documents needs accurate and correct translation and is one of the most difficult among all translation work. Translators should not only possess general knowledge of legal terminology, they should also be well versed in statutory requirements and the legal intricacies of foreign cultural and legal systems of those countries. Legal translation carries strict deadlines, because when the translated documents are needed […]

What factors will drive the translation market in the next 10 years?  

Globalization strategy has been booming in most industries nowadays. To be successful, companies need to provide their products and services in line with countries, cultures, and even different legal systems. It is the translation, interpreting and localization services that support for this objective of those companies. In the next 10 years, the demand for translation and interpreting services is expected to continue to increase, in which there will be two main following factors that can directly impact the development of the translation market . […]

All New Theories And Concepts About Translation In New Century  

Translation is ultimately a human activity which enables human beings to exchange ideas and thoughts regardless of the different tongues used. Al Wassety (2001) views the phenomenon of translation as a legitimate offspring of the phenomenon of language, since originally, when humans spread over the earth, their languages differed and they needed a means through which people speaking a certain language (tongue) would interact with others who spoke a different language. Translation is, in Enani’s (1997) view, a modern science at the interface of […]