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The market development and globalization trend urges organizations to expand their communication languages with the aim to make as many consumers get easy to know their products and services as possible. That means you can not use a Vietnamese website to sell to all English people or can not use an English website to sell to all German people. Language localization has thus grown into the most important factor in sales and brand promotion of multinational companies…

We will facilitate your further success

The importance of a multilingual website is not a new issue and is reflected in numerous articles and studies, however, in fact, quite few Vietnamese companies are ready to use this service. It is certainly a sad fact as you can see that the websites of Nokia, Dell, Acer, Sony … display, among others, Vietnamese version. That means their clients are offered a mainstream and extremely accurate media to find out the desirable products without knowing several foreign languages. They (Nokia, Dell, …) already give you sufficient necessary information to persuade you to buy their products.
Of course you can also use your manpower to do this task, but it can hardly be sure that your staff always carry out this task efficiently, accurately and timely. That may probably cost you a business opportunity and you may not rank high in the views of international customers.

Our Website Services

With website content services, AMVN not only provides translation services but also provides perfect content editing services through our standard SOP process performed by experienced team.

What will Amvietnam do for your Website?

We understand that, “no one understands you better than you”, but your understanding sometimes does not bring you the breakthrough and innovations that can facilitate your success. You then need someone to share, someone who can help your clients understand you in ways that are desirable. And we will also help you be more successful with your Website.

So, we need to see you to find out about:

  • Your company and your staff
  • Your business
  • Your customers
  • And the plans for the development of your company

And when we know for sure things about you …
… our media content service team will create contents with excellent quality with orientation to your interested objects.
We know the way viewers use websites. We know how to create contents on the Internet in an appropriate manner. And we know what a product or a service needs to be successful on the Internet.

We can process on all existing website formats

A website developed on different programming languages does not cause difficulty to our technical and translation professionals. In fact we have never refused our clients for this reason.

Our website solutions include

  • Global Website Operations
  • Website content Editing
  • Digital Content Localization & Translation
  • Multilingual SEO Services
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