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Three Ways to Settle a Land Dispute in Vietnam Everyone Should Know

Vietnamese law on land disputes prescribe various ways to settle a land dispute, including self-conciliation, mandatory conciliation at a commune-level People’s Committee, requesting a district- or provincial-level People’s Committees for settlement or initiating a lawsuit at a People’s Court.

Translation process according to ISO 17100:2015

With the widespread of contents in various languages on the Internet, the role of machine translation (MT) is a sure thing. However, bearing that in mind, many people tend to lower their respect for translation work and easily think that translation is now at ease with the support of MT.

Translation Instructions and How to Build Them

Instructions play an important role in the translation process. If translators are given detailed and specific instructions soon, they can be more proactive in their work, and the time investing in editing will be reduced. For that reason, do not hesitate to specify if you have any expectation or requirement on the translation quality, though from a client’s perspective, the request may seem unnecessary.

The LISA QA Model

The LISA QA Model, developed by the Localization Industry Standards Association Quality Assessment, has been used as a tool helping companies on translation assessment and error counting in translation products to determine whether a product meet the requirements.