Job Description

Location: Global

We are currently expanding our pool of freelance linguists to translate Simplified Chinese content into Vietnamese for the world’s top companies. The main areas of expertise are Legal, Medical, Finance, Gaming, Engineering, Energy, and Marketing.


  1. Be a part of a multilingual & dynamic team…
  2. Deliver high-quality translations in a fast-paced translation environment.
  3. Research thoroughly on the subject.
  4. Quality assurance of translation works – no typos, no basic errors.
  5. Smooth language flow with accurate meaning and high readability.
  6. Prompt communication with our PM team.
  7. Post hoc linguist and quality analysis with Language and Quality teams.

Basic Qualifications

  1. Native speaker of Vietnamese, or near native-level mastery of Vietnamese
  2. Professional translation skills
  3. CAT tool experience is a plus
  4. Passionate for excellence
  5. 3+ years of translation and editing experience.
  6. Specialized in one area of documents translation.

Preferred Qualifications:

Preferred background: Translation, Languages, clinical trials, medical devices, video games, contracts, government, financial, banking, insurance, business legal, video, equity documents, investment strategy reports, prospectuses, industry reports, etc.


  1. Interest in learning CAT tools
  2. Able to be flexible and comfortable in various technical environments
  3. Time and attention investment is critical to success
  4. Committed to building a career in translation
  5. Genuinely curious and excited to learn in-depth about product knowledge

Future, What We Bring…

By working with the world’s top companies, you will be received to

  1. Long and stable cooperation
  2. The cutting-edge localization tools and technologies
  3. Opportunities to work with localization master-hands in the industry
  4. Expanded localization knowledge.