DTP & Typesetting services in Vietnam​

Our graphics and document processing specialists can handle with confidence any challenging requirements in the most professional way to deliver perfect documents.​

Accumulating Generational Values – Unleashing the Potential of People. Our professional language solutions are embed with our passion and desire to provide clients with preminum language services in Vietnam.
High-quality language solutions

Typesetting​​ services

Handwritten or printed contents may need to be converted to MS Word documents by professional typesetting services for various purposes.​
Page layout solutions

Page layout

In content translation, the number of characters in the target texts may vary from that of the source texts. This can be seen most evidently in translation of marketing materials.​​
Vietnamese Professional Interpretation services


Existing materials’ design may no longer attract and involve your audience. Redesign is desired as consumer culture and taste preferences evolve.​​
DTP services - Printing control

Printing Control​​

Printing is the final step in publishing your products, such as flyers or brochures. Definitely no one wants any mistakes in this very final step.​​


Our typesetting services team of highly available technicians with professional skills, strong management experience and advanced technology are the factors that guarantee our document processing projects.

Multiple File Formats​

Whether your documents are handwritten manuscripts or have been processed on advanced graphics software, AM Vietnam’s skilled technicians are confident to get the jobs done nicely.

Quick and Affordable​

We have teams that directly give advice and handle clients’ document preparation requirements, helping to optimize the costs and the turnaround time.

In advanced translation, the source documents are converted to editable form before being translated on CAT or CLOUD. After the translations are complete, they also need to be aligned to suit the needs of the users or to be displayed in the same design as the original document. In addition, the translation of graphics and charts in documents also requires redesigning in a new language. These activities can be simple, but may very often become complex without support from a professional team.​


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