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Editing in translation process

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People talk about ‘editing’ in translation all the time. In practice, it is truly an integral part in any professional translation process. So what is editing in translation and what does a translation editor do? In this blog post, we will provide you with our editing sequence at AMVN to help you understand and, maybe, perfect your skills and improve the quality of your translation.

What is editing?

Editing is, first of all, revision and correction in combination, which means it comprises 2 separate tasks in order to produce an error-free translation. The editors by utilizing their knowledge and experience should ensure the appropriateness of the documents.

Editing in translation process

Translation editing is the modification of translations with an intention to ensure their style, techniques, appropriateness and consistency. Hence we are to perform both language editing and specialized editing to guarantee:

  • Consistent specialized terminology and translation methodology
  • The professionalism of the (medical, legal, marketing, etc.) translation
  • Appropriate styles aligned with type of documents, target readers and market.

Therefore, it can be summarized that editing in translation is the stage where we enhance the quality of the translation to meet customer expectations and requirements.

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Editing at AMVN Here at AMVN, editing is a required process stage being done by our senior translators or specialized professionals after translating and before proofreading. Clients can also make the choice between language editing or specialized editing or both as needed.

Hoang Nam

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