English Medical Translation Process at AM Vietnam

English Medical Translation Process at AM Vietnam

English Medical Translation requires an absolute accuracy in terms of medical terminology and overall content. One small error in the translation may lead to health risks, or even death. Being aware of this, we have developed a special process exclusively for the translation of medical documents, ensuring that the translations are always perfect and reliable. In this article, we’ll provide you with an overview of the English medical translation process at AM Vietnam.

What types of medical documents are often translated into English?

When it comes to English medical translation, you’re most likely to deal with one of the following types of documents: Medical Record, Investigator’s Brochure, Clinical Trial Protocol, Informed Consent, Summary of Product Characteristics, Clinical Trial Progress Report, Official Dispatch and Letters between Research Institutes and Sponsors or competent authorities, etc.

What are the steps of the English Medical Translation Process at AM Vietnam?

At AM Vietnam, we always apply a 5-step (or 6-step) premium translation process for medical documents, specifically as follows:

1. Document conversion (if necessary)

Some of our customers require us to translate a series of images of medical records or a hundred-page scanned trial protocol. That’s when our conversion process is activated. This step also helps us better assess the content and expertise of the medical documents.

We have a professional support team whose jobs are to handle technical issues of a project such as processing of images, tables, charts and document formatting. They have experience and expertise in document formatting, which can facilitate more rapid conversion. This helps improve our service quality, as well as how perfect the translation will be.

English Medical Translation Process at AM Vietnam

2. Human translation by our Translators

For English Medical Translation, we say NO to all computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools, and at this step, the documents shall be translated by Translators with at least two years of experience in the field of medical translation, ensuring basic translation criteria such as accuracy, adequacy (no more or less than necessary) without obvious errors.

As accuracy and consistency of terminology are the top two priority criteria while translating a medical document, at this stage, Translators shall create a terminology list or a glossary for consultation with our experts.

3. Language editing

The initial translations shall be linguistically revised by a Translator with at least five years of experience in the field of medical translation. At this stage, every word and sentence of the translation shall be carefully checked to one more time ensure the criteria mentioned in the second step. Choice of words and expressions will also be refined for legibility and comprehensibility.

4. Specialized editing

Following the language editing, a Translator with more than ten years of experience shall revise the translation regarding its style and terminology, on the basis of the glossary revised by medical experts.

5. Quality control

At this stage, the edited translation and the revised glossary shall act as the input for a quality control software. This tool is capable of detecting all obvious errors in terms of numbers and consistency. All errors detected by X-bench shall be corrected by the person in charge of quality control, and the complete translation file shall be exported.

6. Proofreading

This is the final step in the English premium translation process for medical documents in order to ensure the formatting of the translation is completely match that of the original. This step also helps detect errors of omission which are mostly typos arising during the previous steps.

The aforementioned 5-step (or 6-step) process grants AM Vietnam confidence in providing customers with high-quality and highly accurate translations as per their expectation.

However, that’s not all we have to offer. As any other translation service providers, our customers are free to give us their feedback on our translation within 15-30 days of receipt. We always open to customers’ requests and shall receive, response to and handle their requirements so that the final translations being used by the customers capable of serving its intended purposes.

Customers using AM Vietnam’s English medical translation service?

AM Vietnam has been offering its English medical translation services for domestic and international customers, who are organizations involving in clinical trial-support such as IQVIA, Parexel, BigLeap Research, and many others including Medtronic, Medix, Convatec, etc. and has always been able to bring satisfaction to those customers and get their appreciation in return.

For more information, please contact us via email: [email protected] or call 0243.878.9800.

English Medical Translation Process at AM Vietnam


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