We provide high-quality legal translation services in Vietnam to law firms and legal departments of enterprises.

Legal translation services

Types of Legal Document Translation

We work in teams of the perfect combination of lawyers – experts – experienced linguists to together produce accurate legal document translations. Our legal translation services are rendered by dedicated teams empowered with advanced translation procedures and technologies.

In addition to our legal expertise, we are specialists in an extremely wide range of subject areas.

Full range of legal translation services in Vietnamese

We provide a full range of legal translation services in Vietnamese and other languages to leading law firms throughout Vietnam, Asia, Australia, the United States, and the European Union. We have outstanding skills in translation for all types of legal matters, including comprehensive support for litigation and due diligence.

Expertises translation in the Legal Sector

Our linguists are experienced lawyers and legal professionals. Our core areas of expertise include translation for matters related to finance, banking, securities market, antitrust, anti-dumping, arbitration, corporate activities, intellectual property, legislation, patents, taxation, technology, and engineering.

We deliver legal translation services with an unmatched commitment to quality and security

Legal documents play a particularly important role in corporate operations. Legal translations require translators who have a thorough understanding of legal nomenclature, legal processes and systems, as well as the industry and subject matter at hand. Therefore, the choice of a reliable, capable, responsive and secure translation company will help businesses avoid the risks stemming from translation needs.​

In business transactions, the assurance that legal documents have the accurate contents for the intended purposes is always the top priority. Our resources are highly available to meet clients’ expectations for the quality of legal translations. Our quality assurance is maintained through:

Accuracy & Confidentiality in the Legal Translation Services

AM Vietnam is strongly committed to the ACCURACY and CONFIDENTIALITY of legal document translations and related services. All resources engaged in our service delivery processes are SUBJECT TO and strictly comply with these commitments. Our clients rely on us to produce legal translations with the highest quality within the most challenging time frames.

Trusted by World-Class Law Firms

We are the leading in legal translation services in Vietnam. We are the first priority translation company for the top tier law firms and multinational enterprises in the World.
YKVN is the top tier law firm in Vietnam and Asia located in Hanoi City and other offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Singapore.
Leadco is a business law firm established in 1992. It was one of the first domestic law firms to be founded in Vietnam.
Duane Morris LLP is a law firm headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The firm has offices in the United States, London, Singapore, Vietnam, Oman, Myanmar, Shanghai, and Taiwan
MB Ageas life is a top Life Insurance in Vietnam. Founded in 2016 by MB Bank, Ageas Corporation, and Muang Thai.

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