Staffing Solutions & Short-Term HR

Staffing solutions are flexible options that bring many benefits to Short-term human resources at reasonable costs to organizations and representative offices in Vietnam.​​

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Typical job positions for your business

Our human resources are trained in skills suitable for many positions (See training programs at AM Vietnam). Here are some typical job positions or customers can choose human resources to simultaneously meet the following job positions:

Benefits of using our staffing solutions​

If you are a representative of a foreign organization operating or planning to operate in Vietnam, one of the top concerns will be human resources. In the short term, finding an immediate human resource that meets work standards is not easy, but also has a lot of stability and legal risks.

Our privacy and commitments

Our team is bound by the confidentiality provisions signed between us and our clients with expressive commitments:

Clue specialist solutions

This is a flexible solution for organizations that use AM Vietnam regularly. Through this solution, we will send AM Vietnam professional experts to work directly at the customer’s office to support immediate work or coordinate the projects / services we provide. to ensure the progress, quality and required workload.

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