Translation Quality Assurance Services

Provide translation quality assurance services compliance with all clients’ requirements that are controlled and assessed on an objective basis.

Translation quality assurance services

Why do you need translation quality assurance services?

A poor translation can have an immediate and disastrous impact on the acceptance of your product, and furthermore, it can easily become an embarrassment to your brand.

We provide the following options for reviewing a translation:

We process the Translation Quality Assessment with High-value Criteria

When you need to translate documents, you will look for reliable translation services. But because of the importance of the translation, you need to make sure that it is correctly translated and the style is appropriate. Our independent quality assessment services can definitely help you.

One of the top requirements is that the translation must be accurate, but very often it is not easy for translators to ensure this criterium. We design a set of quality assurance tools for detailed assessment of the quality and pertinence of a translation.

Accuracy & Confidentiality Translation Quality Assurance Services

AM Vietnam is strongly committed to the ACCURACY and CONFIDENTIALITY of translation quality assurance services. All resources engaged in our service delivery processes are SUBJECT TO and strictly comply with these commitments.

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