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Legal Updates

Difficulties faced in legal document translation

Legal parlance if it needs translation, needs the services of an expert that is highly knowledgeable in legal terms and practices. Translating legal documents needs accurate and correct translation and is one of the most difficult among all translation work.

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4 Difficulties When Translating Financial Statements

It is highly important to work professionally and strictly on translating and revising texts, not only to offer a product that contains the highest quality and is 100% equivalent to the original text, but also to avoid potential problems related to an error-ridden translation

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Looking up terms in translation

In the 21st century, the trends of globalization and integration have led to a huge demand for translation. Obviously, the role of translation in integration and development has been more important.

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How many words per day

How many words per day?

One topic most freelance translators just starting up their business devote some thought and calculations to, is this: How many words am I supposed to translate per day?

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Foreign Language Anxiety

Foreign language anxiety (or xenoglossophobia) is the feeling of unease, worry, nervousness and apprehension experienced when learning or using a second or foreign language.

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Tìm hiểu về chi phí dịch thuật

Are you paying an adequate price for translation?

Naturally, most of businesses want to hire a translation service with good price – good quality. In fact, however, a high quality translation costs a professional translation company a lot for both operation of quality standards and qualified staff members. So what should we do to have a high quality translation available as soon as possible with an incredibly low price?

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Top 02 QA Models

Top 02 QA Models: Lisa QA versus MQM

Plenty of models are being adopted by companies to assess their translations. Some translation service providers also design their own models based on the available results of previous ones. Translation models all base their assessment on assessment categories for language products, e.g. Language, Grammar and terminology. Let’s find out about the two most common QA model recently.

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What are translation instructions and how to build them

Translation Instructions and Efficient Ways to Build Them

Instructions play an important role in the translation process. If translators are given detailed and specific instructions soon, they can be more proactive in their work, and the time investing in editing will be reduced. For that reason, do not hesitate to specify if you have any expectation or requirement on the translation quality, though from a client’s perspective, the request may seem unnecessary.

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Professional Translation Process according to ISO 171002015

Professional Translation Process according to ISO 17100:2015

With the widespread of contents in various languages on the Internet, the role of machine translation (MT) is a sure thing. However, bearing that in mind, many people tend to lower their respect for translation work and easily think that translation is now at ease with the support of MT.

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