Highly recommended by US Embassies, AM Vietnam provides you with ONLINE Notary Services in Vietnam with 24/7 support.

#1. Why choose us for your online Notary services?

Administrative procedures normally consume a lot of time for traveling back and forth and waiting. Understanding this pain from customers, AM Vietnam has partnered with the Department of Justice to provide Online Notary Services in Vietnam. Our goal is to help you experience smooth and effortless procedures, instead of mind-disturbing and frustrating.

No matter where you are residing and working in Vietnam, just send us a SCAN and get a quote within 10 minutes. Our dedicated CS team will also provide you with the necessary guidance and consult if there is anything missing out there. All is for you to successfully carry out the procedure as quickly as possible and right from the 1st attempt.

Usually when it comes to “Notarization”, the concept is often associated with state administrative management activities. Per regulations of Vietnamese authorities, documents are required to be submitted in Vietnamese language and legally validated. Therefore, in an integrated and dynamic economy, notarization is indispensable and may be required on a daily or periodical basis depending on the management requirements.

Online Notary Services in Vietnam 2

#2. What Online Notary Services we can do?

AM Vietnam’s Online Notary Services cover a variety of documents:
  • Passports
  • ID card
  • Driver’s license
  • Labor contract
  • Temporary residence card
  • Birth certificate
  • Criminal record
  • And more

#3. What you can get?

With AM Vietnam’s Online Notary Services, you can benefit from:
  • No need for traveling – Just send us scans of your documents, AM Vietnam will do the rest.
  • High quality & 100% accuracy – The translation is rendered by our experienced translators with experience ranging from 2-5 years. We simply do not accept poor translations.
  • Legal certification – AM Vietnam partners with the State’s Departments of Justice to make sure the notarized documents are purely legal for your various use purposes.
  • Reasonable costs – With a streamlined process, we can quickly

#4. What you will need to do?

You will only need to:

Normally, there are 03 ways you can use to scan your documents:

  • Scan using a professional scanner
  • Get your documents scanned at a photocopy shop
  • Scan using a mobile app (e.g. CamScanner)

After scanning, you should check to ensure that:

  • No corner/border is missing
  • The scan is of high quality, with no blur
  • There is no distort/skew of the original content

#5. How you can get the Online Notary Services results?

You can get the results by JUST staying at home or your office. Or, perhaps, you can enjoy your holiday in a resort to see things proceeded and completed. We will engage professional couriers to help deliver the notarized to your door.

In addition to paper deliverables, we also provide scans for your ease of use in the future.

Last but not least, AM Vietnam commits to keep your documents and information CONFIDENTIAL under our obligations to ISO 9001:2015.

For more information, please refer to: https://amvietnam.com/online-notary-services-in-vietnam/