Certified Translation

Certified Translation is a legally binding service in which the criterion of Correct translation is required to be satisfied. We are prepared to offer immediate and on-the-spot certified translation and true copy services. Our services are carried out in a quick and reliable manner, ensuring the compliance with legal procedures.

The criterion of Correct Translation

ĐIn order to produce a correct translation, it requires that the translator be experienced and knowledgeable in professional sectors. This is a big challenge for a translator since some sectors are really difficult and the translator must be highly knowledgeable to make sure that the way he/she understands the document is correct.

The criterion of Sufficient Translation

To make a sufficient translation, it is required to comply with a strict translation control process which may involve advanced translation management software systems. At AM, besides the SOP we also apply translation management systems for our translation projects.

Legal factor

Many clients often see certified translation as a procedure to complete dossiers to be submitted to government agencies or attached to tender packages. To them, this is purely a procedural work and its cost needs to be minimized. However, a certified translation is a document that is filed for long-term use; for example in case of any risks arising during the operation, competent authorities may recheck the translation and this may expose clients to substantial risks in terms of procedures. Besides, it is the signatory translator that will be responsible before the law for translation errors which may cause damages to clients.