Editing & Proofreading

Amvietnam provides content editing services based on our profound experience in corporate communications and online media. We have people who are qualified to do content editing works in a professional manner, in which customer insight and professional skills are our primary concerns.

How is our editing processed?

A content editing project at AMVN, whether large or small, will be done with meticulousness and carefulness. We just proceed our editing works once our team has in-depth understanding of your business.

And when we know for sure about you …

… our editors will create contents with excellent, vivid and target audience-oriented quality.

skills ….

We know how to create appropriate contents. And we know what a specific product or service needs to achieve success.

deep understanding ….

We deeply understand your concerns regarding the contents through which your customers may evaluate your capacity, you always need something new, you always need a change and you always need ingenuity and sophistication so your clients may trust the products – services provided by you. Your attention to your Website is an expression of your ongoing efforts in your customer care.

Proofreading & Notarizing Services

Many clients send to us important translations that they themselves are not sure that such versions would have met the style, grammar, semantics criteria. Indeed it is difficult for part-time translating employees to meet all above criteria because they are not exposed to nor trained regularly for translation proofreading. Consequential impacts are notable, which would deprive significant contracts or cause clients’ misunderstandings of the providers or producers’ brands.
AMVN provides clients with comprehensive and professional proofreading services to ensure that the final translations for the clients’ use are basically correct and accurate.

We specialized in proofreading & Editing the following translation:

  • Document translation proofreading services
  • Technical translation proofreading services
  • Legal translation proofreading services
  • Finance & Banking translation proofreading services
  • Medical translation proofreading services
  • Marketing & PR translation proofreading services
  • Translation Notarized Services
For more information about our Content Editing Services, or request a proposal, please contact us at: (04) 3878 9800, or e-mail: sales@amvietnam.com