Localization Solutions

Culture and language barriers are the main reasons why organizations entering a certain market or studying a document provided by an organization from other countries needs localization. Localization issue in practice is especially important for your products or services to carve in the sub-consciousness and habit of consumers more easily and quickly as the only barrier will be removed. Besides, your products / services are presented in a more professional way and get closer to your customers.

Software Localization Services

Globalization is a reality, companies need software Vietnam are of the needs to pour into the ocean as well as international software companies need to conquer potential Vietnamese market. Software, in addition to ensuring its user friendliness, needs to ensure the flexibility of the display language. This is one way to increase sales by convincing the users that you have user-friendly software products and provide them the real benefits. Easy to use, no extra time and cost, no need to know a foreign language to be able to operate in a smooth manner.

Software Localization Services is a process including:

  • Software Translation
  • Integration of the translations in the software in accordance with the industrial standards.

We provide the following software localization services:

  • Mobile Application Localization
  • Website Localization
  • Desktop Software Localization
  • Built-in software localization.

Documentation Localization Services

We provide localization services of Vietnamese translations in relation to products and materials presented in another international language. We have a team of skilled experts with in-depth knowledge on various fields of socio-economic sciences. Our team is a part of the global partnership network in Australia, Europe, Thailand, Spain, Japan, China, Singapore who are always ready to provide customers with localization services in any language required with high quality.

Vietnamese Localization & Testing Solutions

Vietnamese localization solution for enterprises trading in products or providing services in Vietnam, we provide Vietnamese localization solution in a diverse and perfect manner by a team of skilled translators, technicians and software engineers who are knowledgeable about most advanced technology in the world.

Our solutions involve a wide range of languages including but not limited to:

  • Vietnam localization of Software,
  • Vietnam localization of Websites,
  • Vietnam localization of mobile applications,
  • Vietnam localization of Trademarks,
  • Vietnam localization of Products,
  • Vietnam localization of digital contents,
  • Vietnam localization of training and technology transfer documentation.

We have experience in working on the following types of environment:

  • XML, XLIFF, HTML, XHTML, Text File
  • MySQL, MySQLi, MS SQL Server, Oracle DB,
  • Android, IOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Symbian, Bada, MeGoo,
  • Windows, MAC OS, Ubuntu, Fedora,
  • Eclipse, Netbean, Android Studio, Visual Studio, Simulator,
Please contact us at: Tel: (04) 3878 9800, or e-mail: sales@amvietnam.com