Quality Assurance Services

Accuracy, Compliance and Transparency

What a client expects from translations is the accurate conveyance of its messages to the foreign target audience. A company is generally known to the foreign or global targeted market firstly via the information provided via translations. Professional translations are therefore a key for a company to build a professional image which manifests its attentiveness to and understanding of the local culture.

Translation Quality Assessment

Quality assurance services help ensure that the translations rendered by your vendors/freelancers have fully met your specified requirements. You may have your in-house team to take care of this task. However, Amvietnam with professional processes and dedicated experts of in-depth background can help you assess and improve the quality of the translations, to meet the pre-defined requirements, and in fact in many cases, even beyond expectations.
Our Quality Assurance Services mainly target at end-users. Other clients include translation services providers who want perfect translation and localization products.

Language Testing Services

Playing an important role in translation and localization projects, language testing service is part of the finalization of the translation products before official release. We offer a wide range of testing solutions, including but not limited to:

  • Language
  • Localization
  • Functions
  • Mobile Games
  • Application Interfaces

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