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What is a Translation Management System (TMS)?

A translation system supports complex translations and allow enterprises and translation companies to centralize and automate the management of localization workflows involving several collaborators that can work simultaneously without geographical restrictions.


World’s most spoken languages

There are many ways to measure the usage of a language in the world, but according to recent statistics, here we present the top 9 most common languages.

Phiên dịch: Những hình thức phiên dịch hiện đại

Recruitment for Freelance Translator at AM Vietnam

AM Vietnam Language Solutions is looking for a freelance translator to join our Global Language Solutions Department (GLSD). For this position, strong experience and professional translation skills are preferred but not required. You will

Xác định Năng lực Ngôn ngữ thông qua Chuyển động Mắt!

Measuring Language Proficiency through Eye Movements

A study by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers has uncovered a new way of telling how well people are learning English by tracking their eyes. The findings of this study could lead to

Conversion rate: Measure the success of your website

Conversion rate: Measure the success of your website

Conversion rate is no stranger to digital content marketing. It helps digital marketing strategists measure exactly how effective a website is in achieving its target. So what is conversion rate? And why is it

Siêu trí tuệ: 03 cách để có được trí nhớ thị giác

Super Brain: 03 ways to get a photographic memory

Photographic memory is a type of memory surrounded by controversy. Some people think it’s just a joke, but some believe it’s real. In the history, there was a person officially recorded as having a

Tìm hiểu về các tiêu chuẩn trong ngành ngôn ngữ

Learn about language industry standards

Standard can simply be understood as a unified way of doing something. In other words, every job needs an order and rules of implementation. Standards help managers control work scientifically, control product quality or

Học Tiếng Pháp, Tại sao không?

Learn French, Why Not?

Are you planning to learn French but still hesitant? Want to speak a second foreign language? Here are 5 reasons to help you decide! #1. French – the language spoken all over the world

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