Translation quality assurance

Ensures the maintenance of a desired level of quality in your contents with our Translation Quality Assurance.

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Localization quality assurance

Ensure the success of multilingual video and game publishing projects.

Interpretation quality assurance

The interpretations will be uninterrupted and the contents are controlled to ensure you hit the right targets.​

quality assurance

All translations must achieve the standard requirements of accuracy in language and style.​

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language testing

String lengths that vary between languages ​​may from time to time ruin your app layout.​

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Poor translations have direct and disastrous impact on customers’ acceptance of your products and/or services, which are very likely become an embarrassment and/or potentially damage your brand.


Our linguists conduct assessments of the accuracy of the terminologies, data, consistency, semantics and completeness of the translations. Translation techniques and language manipulation techniques are also carefully evaluated.


Standard and native grammar, among others, makes the translations professional, concise and audience friendly. We assure that translations are done in a way that best meet your use purposes. The use of language greatly influence the success of the translations.


Language skills include writing style and word choice. We conduct a thorough review to ensure the appropriateness of the translations with the nature of the source texts as well as the target audience.

Even diligently rendered translations may contain minor to critical errors. These errors are often caused by humans, especially translations performed by a large team of linguists at the same time. LQA helps detect and address these potential risks by independent evaluation indicators to determine whether the translation products fully satisfy the output requirements.




When you need translations, you are always looking for reliable translation services. You want to be assured that the source texts are correctly translated and the style is appropriate. Our independent quality assurance service can definitely help you.

One of the top requirements is that the translation must be accurate, but very often it is not easy for translators to ensure this criterium. We design a set of quality assurance tools for detailed assessment of the quality and pertinence of a translation.

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