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Khách hàng thường liên hệ với AM Việt Nam để tìm kiếm những giải pháp ngôn ngữ cao cấp cho mục tiêu kinh doanh của họ. Ví dụ như:

  • Dịch hồ sơ thành lập và quản lý doanh nghiệp.
  • Tài liệu liên quan đến hoạt động Thử nghiệm Thuốc trên lâm sàng (IB, Protocol, ICF).
  • Dịch website và tài liệu tiếp thị.
  • Hoàn thiện hồ sơ thầu xây dựng, năng lượng hoặc hồ sơ đầu tư.

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We deliver products and services to multiple markets simultaneously—all within budget, on time, and to excellent quality. Please contact us for more information about the experts and experience, our team is always prepared to bring surprising values to your documents.

When the translations are products of man's intellect

Our Premium Translation and Localization Services are distinguished combination of human intelligence and a rational process. A translation product is a combination of the expertise of our senior specialized experts and highly experienced linguists, providing outstanding localization versions of the clients’ knowledge in the target languages.
We design language solutions that are tailored for each individual clients, to optimize the knowledge link with the goal of providing clients with the highest value from AM Vietnam’s translation products.


We are the combination of our people, our process, and our passion for technology to deliver perfect translations. 


Our pool of expert language talent enables us to provide businesses with professional translations in over 15 languages.
  • Vietnamese (Native)
  • English
  • Chinese
  • Thai
  • French
  • Korean
  • Japanese
  • Russian

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