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Engineering sector requires accuracy and consistency in the application of language and effectiveness in the application of the translation.


The Engineering sector has its own vocabulary and varied terminology applied for each specific area, including country-specific standards for such area, and the language used in the translation must adhere to these standards.

Therefore, the lack of knowledge cannot deliver the accuracy that a technical document should have.

This is also the reason why in every specific field, we always need to obtain insightful consultation from experts with appropriate specialization.


Similar to other sectors, the Engineering sector also has its own unique writing style; in order to meet this criterion, the translator must have practical experience and professional knowledge as well as regular exposure to this type of document. Besides, our clients usually have specific requirements for each type of their documents.

Effectiveness of application

The last criterion regarding the effectiveness of the document always receives our attention and this is also the final step for us to assess the quality of the translation that we have provided.

For each document, client will be the one to evaluate and give constructive comments, while our experts will act as consultants so that the final product will have ultimate practicality.

We support documents such as:

  • Bidding documents and technical manuals translation
  • Compliance documents, crisis management, acquisition translation
  • Corporate and marketing communications translation
  • Human resource and employee materials translation
  • Marketing material translation
  • Product documentations translation
  • Website content translation
  • HSE reports translation
  • Legal and financial documents translation
  • Product datasheets translation
  • Technical e-learning handbooks translation

Delivery on time with excellent quality

We deliver products and services to multiple markets simultaneously—all within budget, on time, and to excellent quality. Please contact us for more information about the experts and experience, our team is always prepared to bring surprising values to your documents.

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