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AM has been our exclusive translation vendor for nearly 10 years now. The number says it all. They have assisted us throughout our establishment and development journey. Our partners have also been very pleased to have the service of a truly reliable translation agency.

Ms. Huyen Le
Ms. Huyen Le,
MB Ageas Life

We provide legal advice from a Vietnamese law perspective to global clients. Our clients' needs span many areas. Translation of our clients' contents therefore requires absolute accuracy, especially transaction documents. What really amazes me is that AM's legal translations are delivered beyond our clients' demanding expectations.

Ms. Nam Diep
Ms. Nam Diep,
YKVN Law Firm


Adapt to the global language and consumer culture to create perfect translations.



Providing premium translation services in Vietnam to the global market at reasonable budget, on time delivery and with perfect quality.



Work products are performed by AM in a comprehensive procedure involving different independent qualified working teams, perfectly compatible with the customer’s requirements.



On time delivery

Advanced translation technology strongly support our dedicated teams in ensuring absolute on-time delivery.

Advanced technology

We ensure efficient performance with all operations goes online. During continuous waves of COVID-19 outbreaks, we work on online platforms, remaining stable capacity and responsiveness as normal.

Multi language

Linguists from 50 countries allow professional processing of 30 languages ​​with over 60 popular language pairs

High responsiveness

We offer 24.7/365 services globally, whether you need translation, localization or on-site interpretation.


AM Vietnam translations are charged per our direct production process, providing clients with a cost optimization model along with quality and responsiveness perfection.

High Quality

Quality is a prominent advantage in AM translations. Our translations are native, professional, concise and straightforward, delivering more added values than expected.


We do thorough research on your target customers to produce creative translations tailored to their tastes.