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Over 50M word translated from Vietnamese into English since 2004

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Over 180M word translated from English into Vietnamese since 2004

We provide multi-lingual translation services in Vietnam

Penetrating new markets requires tons of localized contents that need to meet the tastes of local customers. The source contents are also very often highly diverse, from general marketing materials to highly technical documents like legal instruments or product specifications. Fierce competitive pressure also demands that the contents be created in a speedy manner yet accurately. Therefore, the development of an in-house translation team would unlikely an effective solution to the time-cost-quality problem.


Confidentiality is one of the clients’ requirements upon engagement of a translation vendor. AM Vietnam has a strong commitment to ensure the safety and integrity of the information that customers provide.


AM Vietnam translations are charged per our direct production process, providing clients with a cost optimization model along with quality and responsiveness perfection.

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It doesn’t take long to find the right translator for your project. They are all here and ready for the legal translation job you entrust.

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The combination of our people, our process, and our passion for technology ensure the delivery of accurate translations. Our dedicated teams empowered with advanced translation technologies have been delivering market-leading translation services all at affordable cost, due delivery, and perfect quality.​

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