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Multi-language and multi-expertise translation by strongly experienced professionals.​

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Penetrating new markets requires huge amount of localized content that needs to meet the tastes of local customers. Additionally, source contents are very often highly diverse. Fierce competitive pressure requires that the contents be created in a speedy and accurate manner. Therefore, the development of an in-house translation team would unlikely be an effective time-cost-quality optimization model.

Choosing the sustainable professional translation company helps businesses quickly solve this puzzle

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Leading In Specialized Translation​​​

Translations by experienced industry professionals​

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Multilingual Translation​

15 global languages ​​with nearly 60 commonly used language pairs​

Transcreation solutions

Transcreation​ solutions

The beauty of language roots from the creativity of linguists​
Hiệu đính dịch máy khối lượng lớn

Post-Editing​ Solutions

An optimal choice for translations of contents for internal use only​

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The source texts will be translated based on a unified translation management system by AM Vietnam’s global team of translators.
  • Guaranteed project progress in all cases
  • Guaranteed consistency in word choice and terminology usage
  • Full and proper conveyance of the content to the target language


A team of native, experienced and knowledgeable linguists will edit the translation, sentence by sentence.
  • Guaranteed appropriateness of the register and style
  • Guaranteed correct use of terminology and technical expressions
  • Standard, professional and easy-to-read language
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Đọc soát trong dịch thuật


Proofreading can be done by one (mono-reading) or two linguists (parallel reading) to guarantee the perfection of the translation.
  • Full and proper translation of all contents
  • Guaranteed consistency and appropriate customization of the language
  • Easy to read language, with correct grammar and spelling.

Quality assurance

The practice of quality assurance is to re-evaluate the overall translation output criteria, including but not limited to the following objectives:
  • Compliance with customer requirements
  • Correct, full and consistent translation of all contents
  • Guaranteed style, expertise, grammar and spelling
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Understanding our client's culture, industry, and target market allows us to design translation services that best meet their needs. We maintain dedicated teams who are highly available to take care of regular clients.

Why us


All work products are delivered in great format and layout with intelligible, highly expertised and professional written language


Clients’ data are treated in strict confidentiality under our comprehensive information security policies.


A pool of linguists from 50 countries enables us to provide services in 15 languages with over 60 commonly used language pairs


Quality and turnaround time for high-volume translation projects is no longer a challenge when you work with AM Vietnam

Cutting-edge technologies

Our cutting-edge platforms enable us to perfectly operate a vast network of professionals and partners to guarantee the satisfactory delivery of the most challenging projects to the most demanding clients

Culture adaptability​

We always take into account the linguistic effects on consumer behavior and consumer culture, for the delivery of translations that go well beyond clients’ expectations

More values

Our translations boost the efficiency of businesses’ market entry and expansion strategies, all at affordable cost, with due delivery, and to exceptional quality

Dedicated teams

We design language solutions that are tailored specifically for each individual client, to best optimize our accumulated expertise and experience to bring the highest values to clients.

We work with a group of amazing companies​


Our professional linguists are ready to provide helpful advice for your translation needs.