Promote sustainable growth strategy​​

When your app is displayed in more languages, the app has greater opportunity to reach millions of potential customers.​



Cultural and language barriers are among the reasons why products fail in a new market. Localization opens up a path to breaking communication barriers. When you are addressing your customers’ needs in a way they understand and are comfortable with, they will find your products interesting and professional, great things will start off.​
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Professional Localization services
of AM Vietnam
Vietnamese Game Localization solutions

Game Localization​

Gamers play your game like watching a fascinating movie.​

Online platform Localization​

Make your platform “Easy to use – Easy to sign up” in target markets.​

UXUI localization services

UX/UI Localization

The shortest way to conquer target foreign markets is localization.

Video localization services

Video Localize

When your app is displayed in more languages, you have a significantly greater opportunity to reach millions of potential customers.​

Language Transformation

Game, website, UX/UI contents will be translated based on a unified translation management system by AM Vietnam’s global team of translators.
  • Guaranteed project progress in all cases
  • Guaranteed consistency in word choice and terminology usage
  • Full and proper conveyance of the content to the target language


A team of native, experienced and knowledgeable linguists will edit each segment. 
  • Guaranteed appropriateness of the register and style
  • Guaranteed correct use of terminology and expressions
  • Creative language, suitable for the target audience


The language testing process will include testing and correcting the language displayed on the UX/UI interface before it is officially released globally.
  • LQA – Language Quality Assurance 
  • VQA – Visual Quality Assurance
  • FQA – Function Quality Assurance

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Why us

Strict Confidentiality

Customers’ localized contents are kept strictly confidential in accordance with our comprehensive privacy policies with our 2 layer (corporate and individual) confidentiality commitment.

Value Above Expectations

Address language concerns in customers’ business globalization strategies and build resources dedicated to developing durable values.

Dedicated Team

From designing bespoke services for each customer to developing a highly specialized team that allows us to securely deliver reliable localized solutions on a global scale.

High-Quality Localization

Quality is a prominent priority in AM translations. Our work products are rendered in professional and comprehensible language, and delivers values that are beyond expections.


With a diverse pool of linguists from 50 countries, we can work in 15 languages with over 60 popular language pairs.


Ensurance of both highly quality and short turnaround time for high-volume translation projects is no longer a challenge at AM Vietnam.

Culture Adaptability

Our localization services help you sell your products in the way that local people do. Your products will be more attractive to local customers if you can get closer to them.

Experience Enhancement

Users’ experience is the gateway to the success of your game or app. Let the user experience empower the attraction and pervasiveness of your products.

Advanced Technology

Advanced management technologies enable us to perfectly operate a large network of linguists, experts and partners, ensuring the success of projects and quality challenges.


Accumulating Generational Values – Unleashing the Potential of People. Our professional language solutions are embed with our passion and desire to provide clients with preminum language services in Vietnam.