How to have the best-notarized translation?

How to have the best-notarized translation?

Notarized translation and finance majors have great responsibility in conveying accurate and concise information, especially numbers.

The characteristic of financial and accounting documents that need notarized translation is the large amount of data, requiring translators and DTP specialists with good word processing skills, reducing error to zero. In accounting and financial records, there are limited terminology, but it require translators to have specialized knowledge and fluent language skills.

Notarized translation in immigration activities

Notarized translation of visa documents

In the past 10 years, thanks to economic development, favorable conditions in transportation and trade activities with international partners, immigration activities have been more dynamic and frequent.

Except for countries offering exemptions from visa and consular legalization, all documents related to immigration activities must be translated and notarized at the request of state agencies, which include: documents for studying abroad, labor export, applying for entry visa, temporary residence card for foreigners, work permit, etc.

How to have the best-notarized translation?

The importance of notarized translation in our society

Notarized translation is an important activity in the development and global integration process and one of the major links in removing language barriers of the whole translation industry.

Notarized translation is compulsory for some professions in order to accurately conveying information and verifying the legality of translated documents.

Notarized translation in commercial and economic transactions

Contract notarization

For commercial and economic activities, notarized translation plays a role in conveying the accurate information and increasing the legality of documents in transactions such as contracts, vouchers, invoices, etc.

Not only does it guarantee the accuracy and legality of the translated documents, but it is also an ticket accompanying the trust of your partners, as the last step of a notarized translation is done in the justice division or by a notary public working at notary organizations. Since the notary public will verify the content of the translation before notarizing it, the notarized translation will have the highest legal value.

Notarized translation in bidding activities

Notarized translation of bidding documents

In the context of continuous development leading to great competition among businesses in the country, bidding activities in fields such as garment, construction, and healthcare, take place very often. For large bidding packages involving foreign elements, requirements of bidding documents are stricter and more detailed. Therefore, the role of notarized translation in bidding activities is very important: the translation requires accuracy and brevity, its language in use should be academic and logical, and has strict arguments to persuade customers, thereby increasing the likelihood of success for their bids.

Notarized translation in finance and accounting

Notarized translation for finance and accounting documents


How to get the best notarized translation product?

This is a question that many businesses have asked to find the most reputable supplier. Because for businesses, notarized translation documents are the means to exchange with foreign customers and can affect their reputation.

To have the best notarized translation product, first of all, an enterprise needs to choose a large and reputable translation company. There, translators are trained and work in accordance with ISO standard process, so the quality of products they create will be optimal, minimizing errors such as spelling, formatting, words used in translation.

Now with an accurate and qualified translation, enterprises need to choose an unit that will certify or notarize their translation. AM Vietnam would like to give a table comparing the pros and cons of the three notarized forms of translation as follows:


Seal of the Judicial Division or People’s Committee

Seal of notary organizations

Translation Company seal


The judicial division or the People’s Committee, which only certifies the translator’s signature on the translation, is not responsible for the content on the translation

The notary public who notarize the translation will be responsible for the content of the translation.

The translation agency and translator will be responsible for the accuracy of the translation


Can be used for consular legalization

Can be used for consular legalization

Cannot be used for consular legalization





Based on the above comparison table we hope that your company has chosen the best option for the purpose of using your documents, so please email us at [email protected] or contact us via hotline 0243.878.9800.


How to have the best-notarized translation?

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