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You’re looking for a professional French translation service provider to facilitate your business with a French-speaking company? AM Vietnam is ready to be your reliable choice for French translation services.

We have a team of professional French translators and specialty experts who are experienced in translating content across various fields with high accuracy.

French to Vietnamese and Versa Translation

We provide professional translation services from French to Vietnamese and vice versa. With a team of over 200 translators and French-speaking experts globally, AM Vietnam is ready to meet all your French translation needs.

AM Vietnam offers a diverse range of professional French-Vietnamese translation services:

  • Specialized French translation services: Legal, Financial, Medical, etc.
  • Certified translation of French-language documents.
  • Translation of French technical documents and tender documents.
  • Localization of business websites, games, software, mobile applications
    Marketing, retail, e-commerce translation.

Translation of French to and from other languages

From the very beginning, AM Vietnam has emphasized the development of global indigenous resources through cooperation with global LSPs and freelancers. Additionally, AM also possesses an advanced online translation technology platform, meeting international standards.

AM Vietnam also provides translation services for other language pairs involving French, including:

  • French – East Asian language: Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Taiwan, etc.
  • French – European language: English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, etc.
  • French – Southeast Asian language: Thai, Indonesian, Malay, Lao, Filipino, Cambodia, etc.


French is an official or widely spoken language in many countries and regions around the world. Here are some countries and territories where French is used:
  • France (the native country of the French language) Belgium (with both French and Dutch as official languages)
  • Canada (French is one of the two official languages, particularly in Quebec and other regions)
  • Switzerland (French is one of the four official languages)
  • Luxembourg (French is one of the three official languages)
  • Monaco, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Haiti, Madagascar, Seychelles, Vanuatu.
Additionally, French is also used as a second language in many countries and regions around the world, especially in the African community and French diaspora communities.
In Vietnam, there are a lot of centers and educational organizations that offer French language courses for learners at all levels, from basic to advanced. Here are some popular locations you may consider if you want to study French in Vietnam:
  1. University of Languages and International Studies - Vietnam National University, Hanoi (ULIS): ULIS is one of the top universities in Vietnam specializing in languages. The university offers French language courses for students and civil servants who wish to enhance their proficiency.
  2. Foreign Trade University (FTU): FTU also offers French language courses for students and civil servants. The university provides a diverse and rich curriculum.
  3. Hanoi University (HANU): The university offers Bachelor's degree program in French language (4 years), Bachelor of Education in French language (4 years), and Master' Degree in French Language Teaching Theory and Methods (2 years).
  4. Other language education centers: Besides universities and cultural organizations, there are other language education centers in Vietnam that offer French language courses. You can search for information about these centers online or through reviews from previous learners.
When choosing a French language center, you should consider the quality of teaching, the teaching staff, the curriculum, as well as the facilities and learning methods provided by the center to ensure that you have the best learning experience.

There are many types of French-language documents that need to be translated into other languages to serve information, communication, or research needs. Here are some common types of documents that often require translation from French:

  1. Legal documents: Including contracts, tax returns, legal regulations, court documents, etc. This type of document requires precise translation and strict adherence to legal principles.
  2. Academic records: Including academic transcripts, certificates, diplomas, personal resumes, etc. These records often require certified translation or translation certified by a member of the American Translators Association (ATA).
  3. Medical documents: Including medical reports, medical records, medication instructions, medical research documents, etc. Accurate translation in the medical field is extremely important to ensure proper understanding and safety.
  4. Business and financial documents: Including financial statements, business plans, market and product documentation, market reports, etc. This type of document requires accurate translation to ensure understanding and informed decision-making in the business environment.
  5. Academic and research documents: Including books, articles, graduation theses, scientific research, etc. This type of document requires accurate translation that can only be satisfied with deep understanding of the specific subject matter.
  6. Marketing and advertising materials: Including advertising articles, strategic marketing materials, product and service materials, etc. Translation of this type of document requires flexibility and analytical skills to preserve the meaning and impact of the original message.
  7. Culture and entertainment materials: Including books, novels, stories, films, TV shows, songs, etc. Translating cultural and entertainment materials requires a deep appreciation of both the culture and emotional expressions of both the source and target languages.

For each type of document, expertise and knowledge in the specific field as well as the target language and culture are crucial for accurate and effective translation.

French translation services at AM Vietnam live up to international quality standards. We offer three levels of translation for customers to choose from.

Unit price for translation of French-language document:

  • Standard or MTPE package: VND 400/word.
  • Advanced package: VND 1,200/word.
  • Premium package: VND 2,100/word.

For foreign-study documents and personal documents, we may charge a page rate as follows:

  • Translation rate: VND 150,000/page.
  • Judicial Notary rate: VND 100,000/copy
  • ATA certification: USD 10/copy (Can be used without legalization at US schools and universities, several schools in Australia and Europe.

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Học Tiếng Pháp, Tại sao không?

Learn French, Why Not?

Are you planning to learn French but still hesitant? Want to speak a second foreign language? Here are 5 reasons to help you decide! #1.