Update some employee remuneration policies at AM Vietnam. Applied from June 2021.

News – 1: Grant family and position allowances to the employees.

In order to realize the commitment to remuneration policy and employee engagement, AM Vietnam’s leadership has officially added allowances for employees with families and managers working officially at AM Vietnam offices (including teleworkers).

As follows:

  • Employee with family: 500,000 VND/month
  • Female staff with young children: 1,000,000 VND/month
  • Team Leader: 500,000 VND/month

News – 2: Review staff competency every 6 months

The 6-month review is an opportunity for us to evaluate and improve service quality. It is also an opportunity for employees and company leadership to exchange their aspirations. Through the evaluation, the company considers the performance, progress and commitment of each employee, thereby having an appropriate training and remuneration policy.

News – 3: Apply new employee structure

The company officially issued a new employee structure with competence requirements and committed income levels. With this new structure, the company hopes to create a healthy competitive working environment and motivate employees.

News – 4: Consider participating in additional employee insurance

The company considers participating in insurance for key employees, senior employees in order to protect their health and increase the value of the company.

Types of insurance include extended health insurance and life insurance. Considered employees are employees who contribute to the company’s development, loyal employees and management level employees. That means benefits are given equally and fairly to everyone.

This policy includes raising the level for employees who are enjoying similar benefits at AM Vietnam.

News – 5: Prepare for ISO 9001:2015 re-certification

AM Vietnam is entering the ISO quality assessment period by the British standard institute. We have been successful in the past and have been globally certified for quality.

Our difference is in making good and safe products with the ability to provide sustainable and continuous service.