Staffing Solutions​​

Staffing solutions are flexible options that bring many benefits to Short-term human resources at reasonable costs to organizations and representative offices in Vietnam.​​

Dedicated Officer

Professional, knowledgeable office staff with proficient skills.​​

Translator & Interpreter​​

You need a translator? we have a diverse pool of highly available professionals.​​

Office secratary

Looking for an office secretary will be easier with AM Vietnam's human resources solutions.​​

On Demand​​

We tailor resources to meet the specific needs of our clients. It might take some time...​​

Understanding our customers' culture, industry and target market allows us to design solutions that best meet their needs

We offer flexible human resource solutions for organizations and institutions. We send our professionals to work on-site at the clients' offices to deliver direct support in the work or coordinate the projects/services that we provide to ensure the required progress, quality and workload.​​

Deep skill​

Enterprises and representative offices are offered effective customized solutions to their needs for qualified human resources for all office positions.

Quick and Affordable​​

We have teams that directly give advice and handle clients' document preparation requirements, helping to optimize the costs and the turnaround time.

Dedicated teams

We design language solutions that are tailored specifically for each individual client, to best optimize our accumulated expertise and experience to bring the highest values to clients.


Our workforce can support for 15 global languages in Vietnam


Easily find alternative or supplemental resources to meet your growing business needs. Flexible working hours and contract terms.


Our typesetting services team of highly available technicians with professional skills, strong management experience and advanced technology are the factors that guarantee our document processing projects.


Always have back-up resources of same or higher levels to ensure business continuity.

Professional staffing solution in Vietnam

You are a representative of a foreign organization operating or planning to operate in Vietnam? One of your top concerns will be human resources. In the short term, it is not easy to immediately hunt and recruit employees who are highly qualified for the jobs. There will be a wide array of risks concerning resource stability, corporate governance and regulatory issues.

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