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AM always understands and is clearly aware of our roles and obligations to the clients.
We have developed a modern IT-based corporate governance system in which each service procedure is monitored in a strict and professional manner. Our clients are at all times delivered with high quality products under absolute confidentiality.
Constantly evolving for value accumulation.
During the process of formation and growth, we always set top priority for the product quality and responsiveness, which have developed as the core values of our services. We are confident that most of our clients return.
In-depth expertise and profound experience are the keys to our success.
Our translation value lays on our professional experts’ proficiency. With a strong team of specialized professionals, we have been ranked as a leading specialized translation firm in Vietnam.
Compliance with ISO 9001:2015 (quality of services), ISO 17100:2015 (Translation System)
AM translators are all highly professional trained and certified for satisfaction of the standards applicable to the processes that they are engaged in. The combination of processes and technologies is also consistently enhanced by AM for improvement of the services to be delivered.
AM is a Vietnamese pioneer in offering clients high-quality translations with sensible cost effective approach.
For each step in the translation and localization processes, our team has created and applied appropriate technology tools. Our technology systems are constantly developed based on our extensive experience and can be comparable to such well-known systems as SDL, memoQ or Systran.
The costs are calculated based on the actual volume of work in accordance with our flexibile and transparent cost determination policies.
Our clients are always provided with high quality translations accompanied with price transparency where clients have realistic information about the costs and quality at their fingertips.
As a global service vendor, we work 24/7/365.
Our diligence and ability to concentrate at work is rooted in our passion, one of the keys to attain our clients’ satisfaction. Our products are all delivered on a timely manner with committed quality.
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