10 English Terms of Hotel Management Positions in Vietnamese

Group 1: Leadership – management level

1. General Director (GD)

  • Vietnamese name: Tổng giám đốc
  • Acronym: TGĐ
  • Role: General management of hotel operations; Ensuring the overall goals of the hotel to bring great experiences to visitors; Earning revenue and profit for the hotel.

2. Deputy General Director (PGD)

  • Vietnamese name: Phó Tổng giám đốc
  • Abbreviation: PTGĐ
  • Role: Assist GD in planning, developing, implementing and monitoring hotel initiatives and projects; Directly supervise hotel operations; Responsible for budgeting and participating in the hiring and evaluation of hotel personnel. PGD assumes the responsibility of the head of the hotel in the GD’s absence.

3. Rooms Division Manager

  • Vietnamese name: Giám đốc bộ phận phòng khách
  • Abbreviation: GĐP
  • Role: Responsible for overseeing the operations of the two important departments: Reception and Housekeeping. They are responsible for the comfort and safety of all visitors staying at the hotel.

4. Front Office Manager

  • Vietnamese name: Giám đốc bộ phận lễ tân
  • Abbreviation: GĐLT
  • Role: Responsible for supervising all front desk staff to ensure proper completion of department duties. Their specific job is to direct and coordinate front desk activities such as: reservations, customer service… to the preparation of monthly reports and budgets for the front front office department.

5. Executive Housekeeper/Housekeeping Manager

  • Vietnamese name: Giám đốc Buồng phòng
  • Abbreviation: GĐBP
  • Role: Head of the housekeeping department, responsible for supervising and managing the daily activities of the department to ensure that the rooms are cleaned before welcoming visitors.

6. F&B Manager

  • Vietnamese name: Giám đốc bộ phận ẩm thực
  • Abbreviation: GĐAT
  • Role: Head of the F&B department in the hotel. Their job is to forecast, plan and control the ordering of food and beverages in the hotel. They are also responsible for financial management related to the entire process of purchasing food and beverages for the hotel.

7. Sales & Marketing Manager

  • Vietnamese name: Giám đốc bán hàng và tiếp thị
  • Abbreviation: GĐBHTT
  • Role: Responsible for maximizing hotel revenue by developing sales and marketing plans to increase hotel occupancy.

8. Chief Accountant/Accounting Manager

  • Vietnamese name: Kế toán trưởng
  • Abbreviation: 
  • Role: Head of Finance in the hotel, responsible for overseeing related activities such as account management, reporting and relationships with suppliers to optimize profitability for the hotel.

9. Administration/ HR Manager

  • Vietnamese name: Giám đốc bộ phận hành chính – nhân sự
  • Abbreviation:
  • Role: Responsible for overseeing all hotel personnel related processes and developing HR strategies in line with the hotel’s business needs.

10. Chief Engineer

  • Vietnamese name: Kỹ sư trưởng
  • Abbreviation:
  • Role: Responsible for overseeing the operation, maintenance and repair of hotel tools and equipment. They must supervise technical staff, and may work in both office and hotel environments.