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Translation Instructions and Efficient Ways to Build Them

7 steps of the basic translation process 

Each LSP has its own translation method, which can be tailored to the needs of the customer. However, in general, LSPs must assure adherence to a defined procedure. In this post, AM Vietnam will


Translation Quality Assurance with Xbench in 09 Steps

Quality assurance with Xbench is an essential stage in ensuring translation quality in professional translation today. Join AM Vietnam to learn how to utilize Xbench, one of the most successful translation QA tools available


Technical Translation Practice: Methods and Strategies

Technical translation is essential for a product or service’s success in the worldwide market. In this post, AM Vietnam will discuss the most prevalent methods for handling technical translations on the market today.

Translation: Requirements for translators of technical documents

Top 6 Types of Technical Translation

Expanding a business into a new market can be challenging. Businesses on this path must understand the characteristics of each market and focus on content localization to increase their chances of success.

6 kênh tiếp thị trực tuyến quan trọng trong ngành thương mại điện tử

Big Q and little q in ISO’s quality management 

As a quality professional, ask yourself, “Am I a Big Q or litte q follower?”. If you do your job successfully, everyone will want the organization’s long-term success, and everyone will know what they

10 kiểu phát triển phần mềm khác nhau

Software development: Top 10 trending types

Software development is a huge field that serves as the foundation for all socioeconomic activity nowadays. Let’s find out top 10 trending software development with AM Vietnam in this post!

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