What is a Backlink? Important notes when using backlinks to improve your ranking

What is a Backlink? Important notes when using backlinks to improve your ranking

Are you providing good services and want people to know about it? The first thing that comes to your mind is advertising. Advertising is really a good idea and can help your service quickly reach potential customers. There are also many other ways, one of them is to take advantage of your reputation to ask for customer referrals. While backlink is doing just that, here are certain notes to make this subtle and not objectionable.

What is a Backlink?

Backlinks are links that direct users to a website or web page from another website, which may include any link that directs from a specific website, directory, website or directly from top level domains of different web pages.

According to Google PageRank interpretation, a backlink is “A link from page A to page B as a vote by page A for page B.” So, each backlink is considered a vote to increase the reputation of your website on online search engines.

SEOers often use the term backlink and some similar terms such as incoming link, inbound link, inlink, and inward link.

The same is true when you were referred, if the referral is someone who is held in high regard professionally, or occupies high position then the referral may be very valuable to you.

What is a Backlink? Important notes when using backlinks to improve your ranking

What is the role of backlink?

Surely there must be something more important about backlinks in a website than a mere linking technique. Here are its role:

  • It is the main mean of measurement for website navigation.
  • Making sure all pages in the website will be indexed faster.
  • Navigating users to visit the website for a certain purpose.
  • Effectively improving your website position on Google keyword search engine rank.
  • Increasing the popularity of your website with website traffic from backlinks.
  • Enhancing the reputation of linked pages, especially backlinks obtained from reputable websites.
  • In general, the main role of backlinks comes from increasing the opportunities of the website being visited, thus help to achieve the long-term goals of search engine rankings – the goal of any SEOer.

What is the most effective way to use backlinks?

Backlink is a double-edged sword. It would do you good if you use it smart, strategically, and selectively. It also easy goes against your wishes if you abuse it or use it inappropriately.

To create a backlink is quite simple, you just need to link your desired web address on another website through anchor text, image link or raw link. You can do this in several ways: Buy the link at the site you want and exchange links between two sides. Backlink will be really good for your website if the page you chose is a high authority page and has a large amount of traffic (good or current pagerank are websites with high DA, PA and indexing factors), then visits to the page you put the backlink will direct to your website, thus helping to increase your website rankings.

Whether a user clicks on that backlink or not, your website will rank a bit higher.

You should also keep in mind nofollow and dofollow attributes. These two attributes do opposite things: while dofollow links means that my vote for your website is certain and that Google will increase the rank for the destination website, nofollow links will not have any impact on Google rankings and will only provide a link suggesting that users should visit.

Several values that backlink will bring to your website

  • Backlinks from websites with the same topic – it would help you tremendously if you are linked to by a medical website to your professional medical document translation service.
  • Backlinks from pages, categories, websites with traffic – getting votes by a website that gets millions of visitors per day is great.
  • Use natural, free from spam anchor texts
  • Increase the value of backlinks – a trustworthy vote will be many times more valuable
  • Backlinks from interactive website – engagement increases the likelihood of a click on the backlink leading to your website
  • Backlinks from closely related articles – these can be recommendations from colleagues or people who share the same interests as you.

Conclusion – Backlink is extremely important for a website

It is true that backlinks have always been very important. It is quite simple: If you have a website and customers can only know your website when they personally visit that domain name, it means that you have no friends, or even worse, no one wants to play with you. It’s just a funny but also practically true example regarding the matter. And remember, overdoing things is always inappropriate. A referral is more helpful if it comes from helpful sources.

Google currently operates a series of algorithms to remove and penalize websites that intentionally use backlinks as a way to improve keyword rankings. This means you need to be careful, do it right and create just enough backlinks that point to your website.

What is a Backlink? Important notes when using backlinks to improve your ranking

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