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Six cases where toll booths are temporarily suspended in Vietnam

Circular No. 15/2020/TT-BGTVT of the Ministry of Transport on the operation of toll booths for toll collection provides up to 06 cases where toll booths shall be temporarily suspended.

Specifically, these 06 cases include:

  • Project enterprises and/or investors in quality violations of the maintenance of road constructions who have twice received written reminders with remediation deadlines from competent State agencies;
  • Project enterprises, investors and/or collection units causing situations where there are risks of unsafe traffic, prolonged traffic congestion on the route, who have twice received written reminders with remediation deadlines from competent State agencies but failed or delayed to remedy;
  • Collection units committing frauds of tolls or interfering with the systems of toll collection technology, monitoring v.v. reporting inaccurate revenue for frauds of revenue;
  • Collection units failing to prepare necessary assets for toll collection and/or upgrade toll booths, failing to implement the non-stop automatic electronic toll collection; failing to follow competent State agencies’ installation of devices and software on toll collection data management and monitoring v.v. who have received written request for implementation with remediation deadlines at least twice from competent State agencies;
  • Cases where the technology, equipment systems directly for toll collection are malfunctioned, damaged and not remedied in time;
  • Upon requirements of competent State agencies in cases of natural disasters, enemy sabotage or for national defense and security, or compliance with the State policies and guidelines.
  • The Circular takes effect from September 15, 2020.

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