Blogs > Business insights > Brief news: AM Vietnam welcomes the first batch of interns in 2022

Brief news: AM Vietnam welcomes the first batch of interns in 2022

Brief news: AM Vietnam welcomes the first batch of interns in 2022

Intership at AM Vietnam 2022

AM Vietnam has welcomed the first batch of interns in 2022

Excited to welcome the Lunar New Year, besides the hustle and bustle to prepare for the projects at the beginning of the year, AM Vietnam welcomed the first batch of interns in 2022.

This batch of interns include 15 third- and fourth-year and double-degree students from University of Languages and International Studies – VNU Hanoi (ULIS).

With the internship expected to last for between 2 and 3 months, the students will have the opportunity to participate in activities aimed toward practical experience and skill building, thereby consolidating and sharpen their knowledge and skills.

Learning is inherently inseparable from reality, the internship is expected to be a bridge to help them take your their steps in a professional translation environment.

During the internship program’s opening ceremony, Mr. Hoang Nam – Project Manager of the company shared his practical experience on the profession as well as the industry.

With an estimated market value of USD 39.37 billion in 2020 and a potential value of USD 46.22 billion by 2028*, translation has long been recognized worldwide as a real industry.

Joining the strong development trend of the industry, AM Vietnam has made continuous efforts to build up a solid base, becoming one of the leading language solution providers in Vietnam – connecting Vietnamese with the world’s major content markets.

Skill sharing at AM Vietnam
Participants of the sharing session at AM Vietnam

Comments from the interns

Carrying great enthusiasm and ambition on their shoulders, the students were all very excited to participate in this internship program. Let’s take a look at their comments:

The need for a "flat" Earth has placed on the shoulders of language messengers the responsibility of establishing interlanguage communication. The professional translation door is always wide open to welcome future translators. Let's find out about the staff ladder introduced by AM Vietnam Translation Company

Professional interpreters need to accumulate a great amount of knowledge, or to put it another way, they must have a high level of proficiency and a wide understanding of both the language and the field in which they specialize in. Internship in a professional translation environment like AM Vietnam Company will further strengthen my development direction.

Our wishes for you

AM Vietnam wishes you a fruitful internship and soon become adept translators and interpreters in the profession. Stand firm on the way to success!

(*) Figures according to Verifiedmarketresearch


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