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Content Marketing: 6 Benefits of Blogging for corporate

Content Marketing: 6 Benefits of Blogging for corporate

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If the corporate website you visited seems to be not recently updated, you may assume they are not having an active business. Such problem may be what your business is facing. Regardless of your business scale or industry in which your business exists, blogging – content marketing serves an essential to your business’s Internet presence.

Regular update of blogs is easy yet surprisingly useful for your business.

  1. Display your expertise
  2. Display your business personality and perfect messages
  3. Raise brand awareness
  4. Improve your SEO
  5. Increase regular traffic
  6. SNS and blog

Why your business should do content marketing by blogging?

#1. Blogging displays your expertise

You understand your business better than anyone else so you, too, know what your target users are looking for by visiting your web.

Use these insights to your advantage and create an informative content that will make your web presence a trustworthy information source.

The display of knowledge and expertise will gain the trust and confidence from your potential customers, which shall then be specified as product and service orders and improve customer retention.

#2. Display your business personality and perfect messages

Blogging establishes an ability to display business personality as well as create brand voice. By creating perfect messages representing your business, your website will be more user-friendly.

In addition, make sure to be always honest and do not hesitate to show what you are truly care about.

#3. Raise brand awareness for the customers

Blogging on topics related to your business may serve a help for business approach so as to raise brand awareness. The customer tends to be 26% more interactive toward content tailored to their personal interests, as surveyed by OC&C.

It is important to share values that may increase customer engagement and brand insights. Derived from the understanding of your products and services, how the customer engages with you and, your sense of vision and ability can also be displayed.

The more you update your blogs, the more awareness the site raises.

 #4. Blogging for SEO improvement

By posting new and useful content on a regular basis, your site is exposed to the opportunities of being indexed. Establishing solid internal support for keywords, cross-linking to your internal pages will improve search engine optimization.

Moreover, you are also creating useful resources for your customers, encouraging them to use your services. This is one of the essences of content marketing.

TIP: Search engines are interested in sites with ample, new, updating, and informative content.

#5. Increase regular traffic

One of the biggest benefits of blogging is the increase in traffic. You might need to make a few editing where the information may change in the future, yet be shown whenever a keyword is searched.

Your blogs are always be considered as valuable resources for search engines, whether old or new.

#6. SNS and blogs

Content marketing opportunities may come once social networking and blogging are combined. Social networking is an outstanding platform filled with other reachable goals. Any new blog posts shared on your social media can approach even more potential customers in the nick of time.

In addition, visitors can share articles linked on your website on any media channel of their like, your opportunities, therefore, multiplied.

That being the case, the benefits of blogging range from strengthening inbound marketing strategies, including content marketing for search engine rankings, all of which are eventually to increase traffic.


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