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Notarized translation services in Hanoi: Price or quality?

Notarized translation services in Hanoi: Price or quality?

Notarized translation services in Hanoi: Price or quality?
There are thousands of companies or offices providing notarized translation services in Hanoi. Like many others, notarized translation services are also made up of many types, like a complex minefield where customers have to navigate carefully between the price and the quality.

How notarized translation services in Hanoi are charged

Notarized translation companies or offices in Hanoi typically develop their notarized translation service price list based on a number of factors such as:

  • Volume: the higher the translation volume and the number of notarized copies, the lower the price
  • Time: a notarized translation usually takes 30 minutes or more to deliver. The shorter the required time, the higher the cost. Some companies also ask for fast service fees, weekend service fees, out of hours service fees, etc.
  • Language pairs: Customers usually request notarized translation from foreign languages into Vietnamese or from Vietnamese into other languages such as English, Chinese and Japanese. Different translation fees apply to different languages. Usually English and Chinese translations are the cheapest.
  • Level of specialty: Documents to be translated and notarized are usually specialized in nature or personal records. Therefore, the applicable translation rates may vary.

How much are notarized translations in Hanoi charged?

If we take into account the above factors that determine the rate applicable to a notarized translation, the typical notarized translation rates in Hanoi are as follows:

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Why do we have to choose between price and quality?

This is a question that can only be answered by experience and comparison. However, some other questions can also be raised: Why is this notarized translation service so cheap? How can they do a translation that quick? Questions like these can give you something to wonder.

The problem of speed and cost of quality translation:

  • Translation process: Translation + Editing + Proofreading
  • Translation speed: ~ 10 pages/1 day/1 translator
  • Editing speed: ~ 20 pages/1 day/1 editor
  • Proofreading speed: ~100 pages/1 day/1 proofreader
  • The above steps must be performed sequentially.
So you can see that to translate 20 pages of documents, it takes 2 days of translation, 1 day of editing and 0.5 days of proofreading. 3.5 working days in total. On average, a working day is translated into an amount of VND 312,500 (~USD 13.7).
Given such amount, it is difficult to find quality staff when the average salary of a translator with 2-3 years of experience is VND 500,000/working day.

What is a Translation Management System (TMS)?

A translator system supports complex translations and allow enterprises and translation companies to centralize and automate the management of localization workflows involving several collaborators that