Over the phone interpreting: Professional and Fast

Over the phone interpreting: Professional and Fast

What is over the phone interpreting?

Over the phone interpreting (OPI) is a type of remote interpreting provided by language service providers or freelance interpreters. In OPI, interpreters will do their job through a multi-party intermediary phone call. Interpreters also direct conversations as well as providing interpretation for both parties. Because interpreters are working with phones, this is a distance-free interpretation, which means that no matter where the parties are in the world, even in outer space, they can still interact if there is a phone connection.

Before the advent of video conferencing or the internet, telephone interpreting was the only remote interpreting channel, used in domestic and foreign activities of countries and organizations around the globe.

Common uses of over the phone interpreting

OPI has its specific use in several sectors, particularly healthcare, legal aid and business negotiation.

Over the phone interpreting in healthcare

Typically in medical examination and treatment activities, doctors still need to translate over the phone to support patients with limited language ability.

Some governments have also mandated that healthcare facilities that receive government funding should ensure methods of language access for the Limited English Proficiency (LEP) patients they are caring for, one of which is over the phone interpreting and on-demand interpreting.

Over the phone interpreting in legal aid

Foreigners often need interpreting assistance when they are required to work with the authorities of a host country. In such a case, a request for remote over the phone interpretation will help the parties quickly have a clear and understanding exchange.

Những người nước ngoài thường cần đến hỗ trợ phiên dịch khi họ được yêu cầu làm việc với các cơ quan chức năng
Foreigners often need interpreting assistance when they are required to work with the authorities of a host country.

Advantages of over the phone interpreting

Over the phone interpreters bring many advantages to clients for a number of reasons:

  • They are not limited by distance: Always available globally
  • They are not limited by time: Available 24/7
  • They are not limited by languages: Can provide interpretation in any language
  • Quick setup with just one call
  • Charges easily and more affordable than other types of interpreting

Requirements for over the phone interpreting

Being a live service means very little chance to correct mistakes. A telephone interpretation needs to be smooth and clear, and the interpreter must provide professional guidance as well as accurate interpretation. To achieve this, over the phone interpreting service providers need to ensure the their equipment, processes and staff are suited to the job.

Requirements for over the phone interpreting processes and equipment:

  • Methodical and uniform working processes conforming to relevant ISO standards.
  • Appropriately designed equipment room with modern equipment.
  • Smooth connection and easy management of conversations.
  • Smooth signal transmission and availability of backup channels.
  • Readiness for all translation needs, from booked to urgent requests.
  • Ensuring system security and confidentiality.

Requirements for staff in over the phone interpreting:

  • Interpreters must be experienced and trained to international professional standards.
  • Interpreters must have specialized knowledge relevant to the interpreting session.
  • There must be a permanent technical support team to handle any arising problems.
  • Interpreters must have professional ethics and comply with information security regulations.

Become an over the phone interpreter with AM Vietnam

If you already have experience in interpreting, AM Vietnam will quickly help you perfect your over the phone interpreting skills. Becoming a professional interpreter is a necessary requirement to be able to provide services to clients at AM Vietnam.

To become an interpreter at AM Vietnam, you just need to send an email to [email protected] and you will receive detailed instructions on what you need to apply and how to apply.

How to connect with an over the phone interpreter?

For regular clients of AM Vietnam, you just have to make an appointment or make an urgent call which is provided separately. The over the phone interpreting session will be conducted within 5 minutes.

For new clients, you need to contact to make an appointment or call +84-24 7300 9800 for assistance setting up an over the phone interpreting session.


Over the phone interpreting: Professional and Fast


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