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Q&A about Notarization service at AM Vietnam

Q&A about Notarization service at AM Vietnam


#1. I have a document that needs to be translated and notarized. How can I request for your notarization service? Do I need to send you the hard copy?

AM Vietnam’s notarization service can be provided 100% online, which means you do not need to show up and save your precious travelling time.

For our maximum support, your request should include:

  1. Scans/images of your documents
  2. Number of required copies
  3. Expected delivery time

If you are going to attach multiple files, a numbered list of all the files will be appreciated. It guarantees that AM Vietnam will receive the requested files in full.

#2. How should I scan my documents?

It is best if you can use a professional scanner. Otherwise, you can use your phone’s camera. AM Vietnam suggests a scanner app like CamScaner. Please make sure:

  • Scan images are clear
  • No cutting edge
  • No distortion (taken from 90° angle)

Tips: For ease of later processing, your documents should be renamed after scanning.

#3. What does a notarized translation look like?

A notarized translation will include:

  1. Translation pages. With the “Translation” mark on the first page.
  2. Translator’s statement (in bilingual).
  3. Source pages.

All of these pages are bound together with an adjoining seal on the right edges. This will guarantee the document’s integrity as well as its legal validity.

Notarization service at AM Vietnam

#4. What is the translator’s statement?

The translator’s statement is a certification page, inserted between the translation and the source, certifying that the translation has been translated truthfully from the source language into the target language.

The translator’s statement bears the translator’s authentic signature and signature & seal by the Justice Department/Public Notary Office.

AM Vietnam’s translator’s statement is written in bilingual for ease of language access.

#5. Who will notarize my documents?

Your documents can be notarized by 2 authorities:

Notarization by these two entities has the same legal validity.

#6. How does my document get notarized?

After receiving your request, AM Vietnam will analyze and provide a detailed quote, normally within 15 minutes.

Once you have reviewed and accepted our quote, we will proceed with the translation following our full TEP process (Translation – Editing – Proofread). 

Then the translations will be printed out, prepared with the translator’s statement and the sources, and applied for notarization at a Justice Department/Public Notary Office.

You can take a closer view and directly join our process by reviewing & approving each step’s result for:

  • The translation (before notarization)
  • The notarized scan (before delivery)

You will always know what and how your documents have been processed.

#7. What are requirements for a document to be notarized?

Almost documents in foreign language can be translated into Vietnamese and notarized, and vice versa. Exceptions include:

  • Documents of personal declaration, petition for complaint, lawsuit, etc. The notary is unable to verify your own testimonials, thus cannot notarize your documents.
  • Documents with signs of falsification, photoshop, etc. Your documents should be original.

#8. Can my documents be translated and notarized to another language other than Vietnamese?

Yes. However, Vietnamese must be taken as a bridge. This means your documents will be translated into Vietnamese, then from Vietnamese to another language.

For example, if you want to notarize from English to French, the notarized document will include (in the corresponding order):

  1. French translation
  2. Translator’s statement (VI>>FR)
  3. Vietnamese translation
  4. Translator’s statement (EN>>VI)
  5. English source

#9. How can I receive the result in Vietnam?

There are 02 ways:

  • You can visit and directly collect the notarized documents at our Project Office in Hanoi: Seabank Building, No. 21 Han Thuyen, Pham Dinh Ho Ward, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi.
  • You can provide your address. The documents will be delivered to your place using common trusted delivery services (Grabexpress, ViettelPost, Nasco, …)

#10. Can I get a VAT invoice? 

Yes. VAT invoices will be issued in electronic form upon your request.

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