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Translation News – Week 23

Translation News – Week 23


#1. Free: Webinar on Translators Training Methods

Bản tin Biên phiên dịch tuần 23

The seminar offers information and professional skills to all translators/interpreters – whether new to the job or with 3-5 years of experience.

This is especially useful for those who are fluent in two languages, have a good understanding of the culture and want to try your hand at translating, the seminar will introduce the basic skill set and training process. Some real-life situations are also integrated to increase interaction among participants.

The conference is organized by SFU, a long-standing university in Canada, specializing in providing training programs for adults and working people with many online programs. Learn more at: SFU Interpretation and Translation Program.


  • Time: 12 Jun 2021, Sat, 9:00 – 10:30 AM
  • Link for sign up at here

#2. RWS Revives Language Weaver MT Platform

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RWS recently announced that it is reviving the Language Weaver brand of machine translation (MT) technology. Acquired by SDL in 2010, the Language Weaver brand was renamed SDL Machine Translation in 2015, RWS then acquired Language Weaver’s parent company SDL in 2020.

The first iteration of Language Weaver, developed in 2002, garnered an esteemed reputation within the language industry, as it was one of the first brands to commercialize automatic translation technologies utilizing machine learning.

Azad Ootam, chief technology officer of RWS, said, “We’re excited to bring back the much-loved Language Weaver brand.” “Many within the industry will remember Language Weaver – a brand synonymous with innovation and pushing the boundaries of language translation.”

After the merger, SDL continued to invest in Language Weaver, developing a neural machine translation-based system (as opposed to the statistical machine translation) that can translate between 2,700 different language combinations.

“By bringing together AI experts and technology from across RWS, SDL, and Iconic, we now have a world-class platform that outperforms traditional MT approaches and renews the original vision of the Language Weaver founders,” Ootam said.

When it was first founded, Language Weaver was praised for the fact that it made it easier for non-specialists to help build and develop more pre-existing MT models to better fit their needs as customer. Language Weaver allows users to provide real-time feedback on translations, which serve to improve the system’s language models and create systems that are more well-equipped for a given consumer’s needs.

The platform features cloud-based technology that allows businesses to process and organize their multilingual content all in one place; it can also be integrated with any software or platform, from Microsoft Office to various chatbot systems. Language Weaver also boasts a wide range of high-profile businesses in its user base, including the U.S. Army, which uses Language Weaver to easily communicate with personnel in the Republic of Korea Army and encourage peace on the Korean Peninsula.

#3. SYSTRAN launches new translation software – SYSTRAN 8 Translator

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SYSTRAN, a provider of machine translation software for desktop, Internet, and mobile applications which developed the famous online Babelfish platform, recently announces the release of its new software: SYSTRAN 8 Translator.

The new user interface makes translating text, Web pages, Microsoft Office documents, emails, or looking up the definition of a word or phrase in a dictionary easier, besides the indispensable feature of a CAT tool which is translation memory and term base.

New features include:

  • Processing PDF documents, supporting the conversion of PDF documents into editable documents thanks to a technology agreement with I.R.I.S, a leader in the field of intelligent document recognition.
  • Integration of translation tools in web browsers. Now available for Chrome browsers in addition to Internet Explorer and Firefox.

  • OmniTranslator. Instantly translates any text on the screen by simply hovering the mouse pointer over a specific text element.

Find out more at here

#4. Phrase partners with Memsource to Launch Two Educational Programs

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As part of an effort to make localization software more accessible to early career professionals in the industry, Phrase, a platform specialized for managing localization projects, recently announced the launch of a new academic program for students and specialists who are enrolled in or teach in university-level localization courses. Phrase, which was acquired by Memsource at the beginning of 2021, will also begin offering a certification program, geared toward individuals who are looking to earn an official certificate that can back up their expertise in the field of localization.

Both programs are available free of charge through Phrase’s official website. The academic program will allow students to familiarize themselves with Phrase’s interface in order to gain a general understanding of the different software used in the field of localization. Phrase is typically used to store multilingual copy, manage translations, and integrate all contributors involved in a given localization project. The platform’s new academic program has its roots in Memsource’s Academic Edition, which was launched in 2012 and is available at more than 200 universities worldwide.

“Having joined forces with Phrase earlier this year, we are now able to expand this academic offer and provide students and professors with access to Phrase, the industry-leading software localization platform as well,” said Filip Šanca, community marketing lead at Memsource.

The program consists of various training materials with flexible schedules for participants. Upon passing the test, users receive Phrase’s localization certificate.

Learn more at here

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