7 tips for finding a translation company in Hanoi

7 tips for finding a translation company in Hanoi

A quick search for “Translation company” or “Translation company in Hanoi” will return hundreds of thousands of results. Thousands of agencies, and surprisingly, even copy and print shops, offering notarized translation services appear on the street. So what criteria should you use to choose the best translation company for yourself in such a maze? Spend some time to find out how to identify your own questions or ideas for a translation company that suit you the most in the city of Hanoi.

Here are 7 tips that may be useful in your decision-making process

#1. Prioritize opinions from trusted parties before choosing

In reality, a responsible and reputable translation company always care about customer satisfaction. And if you are introduced by a reliable party to a reputable translation company in Hanoi, it is really valuable information.

Because at the very least, that translation company has satisfied the party who made the recommendation, which could put their own reputation at risk if the services provided are disappointing or untrustworthy.

#2. Less about pricing, more about delivery

Many clients seem disappointed when a low-cost translation company falls short and delivers irresponsible translations. Often a qualified translation process requires multiple independent people, such as translators, reviewers, and possibly quality assessors or professionals. Therefore, the value of a translation can greatly depend on how the translation company performs in accordance with the quality required.

In addition, the management of a translation business in order to meet a specific quality standard is also quite expensive. The translation company has to follow quality procedures and at the same time, stays in compliance with the laws of Vietnam and most of all, have talented people. It can be seen that it is impossible to create a quality translation at a low cost.

#3. What is the standard office appearance of translation companies in Hanoi?

If you have time to stroll along the street, you will surely see countless signs offering fast or super cheap notarized translation services. However, let us not forget that there are many other translation companies that work with a different mindset. Real professional agencies work as if it were a law firm with professional workspaces in fully furnished office buildings.

Take a moment to see for yourselves the office appearance of the translation company you have in mind to get a visual overview.

#4. What are the people of a translation company like?

A quality translation is sure to need experienced people with great language mindset. A university student cannot provide a quality technical or legal translation as they have not acquired the necessary knowledge. This is true even of some senior translators when asked to translate medical, legal or technical documents.

The way to find out here is that you need a detailed portfolio. You need more time to verify the information in your way. Work directly to experience a professional environment, which will help you to choose a translation agency in Hanoi more accurately.

#5. How resilient and uninterrupted is their ability to provide services?

This is an important parameter for you to make your decision. A company that can deliver services with consistent, improving quality and volume on a daily basis will sure give you the help you need. You should not rely only the quality of the initial test to evaluate for a lower cost. See whether their customers are loyal to them or find out how their customers are rating them.

#6. How is their productive capacity for large volumes?

Many companies announce that they have the capacity to translate millions of words per day. Is this true? With a practical calculation as follows so you can get the answer:

  • A translator can translate an average of 3,000 words per day.
  • A proofreader can check an average of 10,000 words per day.

So it should take about 333 translators and 100 proofreaders to review 1 million words. This is the minimum number because many other departments need to participate in a professional translation process such as document processing, quality control, expert opinions, etc.

#7. Is the translation company ISO compliance?

A lot of companies said they have achieved ISO 9001 certification for quality translation. However for all we know, they might have purchased or compiled documents for ISO certification and then went back to do things their way. Compliance with ISO standards such as ISO 9001 is important for them to stabilize their operations and maintain their quality of translation services. Find out both the credibility of the certification body and most of all learn about their service processes.


Are you looking for a translation company that provide services in Hanoi with stable and resilient services at an affordable price? 7 tips above will help you more or less in this difficult journey.

AM Vietnam is a Hanoi-based translation agency with extensive, international experience. We always recommend our customers to delve in and possibly experiment for objective evaluation. The choice is yours to make.

7 tips for finding a translation company in Hanoi

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