Professional legal document translation services in Vietnam

Professional legal document translation services in Vietnam

AM Vietnam has over 10 years of experience in providing legal document translation services in multiple languages with a team of skilled legal practitioners. Learn more about our quotes, translation experience and people here.

What is legal document?

Legal document means any document, informal or formal, that sets out the terms of a relationship between one or more parties that may be recognized, in whole or in part, as a legally binding one.

In fact, we come into contact with a variety of legal documents on a daily basis:

  • Employment contracts, economic contracts, internal labor rules
  • Legal codes, circulars, decrees, directives (state agencies)
  • Invoices, passports, visas, university diplomas
  • Court verdicts and judgments
Legal documents can be in printed or electronic form depending on the intended use of the parties involved.

Why do you need legal document translation services?

An organization or individual may need to translate legal documents into other languages, such as Vietnamese or English, for a variety of different reasons. Among them are the following:

  • To submit registration applications (dossiers) to the authorities of the host country
  • To submit job applications, visa applications, overseas study documents
  • To have multilingual versions of a contract for execution
  • To provide documents/evidence for arbitration/court cases
  • To provide important information such website as policies, privacy and terms.
Translation will ensure that your legal documents are presented essentially the same in different languages. Depending on the intended use of a translation, it may be attached with a translation certificate or certified.

What are the main criteria for a good legal translation?

As the focal point of socio-economic activities, Legal is a specialist and overarching field. For that reason, the requirements for legal translations are more stringent and absolute in nature.

Here are some important criteria for a good legal translation:

  • A legal translation must be understood exactly as the original version
  • Standard, formal and clear language
  • Standards relevant to the industry the original legal document governs are complied with
  • Correct use of terms
  • On-time delivery and absolute confidentiality
We have also developed a set of criteria for each specific activity and combined them into a scientific process. The final products will meet customer expectations.

Comprehensive process for professional legal document translation at AM Vietnam

If you are looking for a reliable legal document translation service provider, then you may want to have a look at our process below:

Quality process for professional legal document translation

Each step is performed by well-trained specialists with professional skills and outstanding working ability. This is one of the reasons why AM Vietnam has been the choice of many international law firms.

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Professional legal document translation services in Vietnam


What is a Translation Management System (TMS)?

A translation system supports complex translations and allow enterprises and translation companies to centralize and automate the management of localization workflows involving several collaborators that can work simultaneously without geographical restrictions.