Fast and Reliable Online Notary Services in Vietnam

Fast and Reliable Online Notary Services in Vietnam

AM Vietnam provides a wide range of online support for notary services for our customers. Through our online notary services, you can have your documents translated, notarized or certified as true copies by phone or emailing us without having to commute to any public notary offices, which takes longer waiting in the context of COVID-19 pandemic.

Our online support for notary services includes:

Certified True Copy

Certification of true copy is a common need for both individuals and businesses. Certified true copies are of equivalent legal validity and can be used as a substitute for originals in many administrative procedures (application for licensing or approval) or trade transactions. Traditionally, individuals or organizations in need of certified true copy would have to present their original documents to the notary or judicial offices or the communal/ward committees.

With online support from AM Vietnam, all you need to do is to send us your documents in scanned version. You will then get the certified copies delivered to your address without having to go anywhere. The whole process normally takes up to only 1 business day.

Our process for online notary service (ISO 9001:2015 accredited) is as follows:

Online Notary Service in Vietnam
  • Step 1 – Submission of documents: You can take photos or have your documents scanned and send them to us via email, or, contact us by phone to receive instructions on how to upload your photos/scanned documents.
  • Step 2 – Document review: Your documents are assessed by our experienced notary specialists for their legality and eligibility for certification.
  • Step 3 – Print and Certification: One or more copies (as required).
  • Step 4 – Delivery and Payment: Our staff will deliver the certified copies to your address and collect relevant fees.

Acknowledgement of signature

Acknowledgement of signature is the act of signing before a notary public and having your signature and seal/stamp certified. This requires those with notarial needs to physically appear at the notary public office and sign before the witnessing notary public, which can be disturbing for those who are leaders of large businesses with little or even no time to spend on commuting. With our service, we will assist you to sign online or invite a notary public as the witness to your workplace.

Frequently Ask Questions

You need to contact us by phone or email as below for support. We can send one of our supporter to your address to receive the documents, which will be returned later with the notarized/certified copies.

Our support team will check your documents for legality and you don’t need to provide us the originals. In rare cases the originals may be required for higher level control, we will discuss with you then and secure your documents with necessary procedures.

Normally, there are 03 ways you can choose to scan your documents:

  • Scan using a dedicated scanner
  • Get your documents scanned at a photocopy shop
  • Scan using a mobile app (e.g. Camscanner)

After scanning, you should check to ensure that:

  • No corner/border is missing
  • The scan is of high quality, with no blur
  • There is no distort/skew of the original content

If you need to get documents notarized, please follow the following steps:

  • Prepare the documents to be notarized
  • Scan, take photographs or make photocopies of your documents (digitalization)
  • Send them to us via: [email protected]
  • Or call 024-3878-9800  for further support

Fast and Reliable Online Notary Services in Vietnam


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