AM Vietnam provides professional, multilingual proofreading services, performed by an experienced team. Our proofreading team includes linguists, lawyers, medical professionals and financial professionals, each with over 5 years of experience.

What is proofreading

Text (document) proofreading is the act of reading of a document by someone with relevant expertise to ensure that the document meets criteria relating to style, grammar, spelling and specialized knowledge.

In publishing, proofreading is an important process to ensure that documents meet required standards relating to language and form. Proofreading is also employed in the legal field, for example in contract proofreading, to ensure the necessary correctness.

Why you need proofreading services

The preparation of a document (or a translation) involves many processes resulting in products including drafts and revisions. These processes, whether performed by an individual or a group of people, all present human errors, such as

  • Misspelling and punctuation and sentence structure errors.
  • Knowledge errors
  • Inconsistent text structure (both vocabulary and style)
  • Inappropriate, hard-to-read or ambiguous language
  • Deformed format after editing

Proofreading will help the document meet publishing standards and avoid legal risks due to subjective errors.

AM Vietnam provides customers with independent proofreading services, helping to ensure transparency and efficiency – criteria that are difficult to meet with internal teams.

Professional reading services at AM Vietnam

AM Vietnam can provide proofreading services for all formats including electronic copies and hard copies.

Process for proofreading at AM Vietnam

AM Vietnam has continuously maintained the validity of ISO 9001 in language service provision. We are also constantly improving our standards to better meet our customers’ requirements. Here’s how we proofread your documents.

Professional proofreading process
Professional proofreading process

Each step is performed by well-trained translators, with professional skills and outstanding endurance. This is one of the reasons why AM Vietnam is the choice of many international organizations.

Proofreading services at AM Vietnam

Established in 2012, AM Vietnam is a leading company in the field of languages. Customers have known AM for to our innovative, effective and professional approach. Our proofreading services are tailored to each field and performed by a team of experienced experts.

Global resources enable us to rapidly provide multilingual proofreading services.

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