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Vietnam Travel: Charming Cuisine for Visitors to Hanoi

Vietnam Travel: Charming Cuisine for Visitors to Hanoi


Whether it is your first time or revisit, Hanoi cuisine still left an impression in you. Being a Hanoian, it is my big pleasure to company you on your unique and exquisite culinary tour. Contact us if you need a trusted guide.

Hanoi delicacies that you should not miss

1. Pho

Pho, the name that represents the whole Vietnamese exquisite cuisine, considered as national dish. It is served hot with either beef or chicken along with herbs.

Bat Dan pho

Bat Dan Pho is a popular pho restaurant established in the 1960s named after the street it is located. You cannot come to Hanoi without giving a taste of Bat Dan Pho, which is built upon quality and its customers.


Nguyet Chicken Pho

Nguyet Pho is well-known among Hanoi people. Nguyet Pho is served cool with sauce and shredded chicken. Diners can spice up with chilli or soy sauce. This pho and sauce can be the “rival” of the traditional pho that has become the national dish. If you had tried the traditional one, try Nguyet Pho to taste the tradition but in different way.


  • Address: No.5 Phu Doan, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
  • Main dishes: Chicken mixed pho (either breast or drumstick), mixed cellophane noodle or traditional pho
  • Price: VND 35.000 -50.000
  • Opening hours: 17h00 – 6h00

2. Rice vermicelli

Rice vermicelli, as known as bun, is often praised for its versality. From bun oc, bun rieu to cool-serving bun cha and bun dau (bun served with fried tofu and shrimp sauce). The following are varying types of bun that you might or might not have heard of.

Cold snail rice vermicelli in Bui Thi Xuan

In constrast of steamy bowl of rice noodles with many snails and topping, cool-served snail rice vermincellie is simple yet refreshing for hot summer days. A bowl of aromatic rice vinegar, roasted snails served with rice vermicellie on “dong” leaves, your summer seems to be cool off bit by bit. Cold snail can be enjoyed the same way as bun cha.


Spicy rice vermicelli with fish stomach of Ut Ha Quan

If the cold vermicelli is a gift for summer, the spicy rice vermicelli with fish stomach is suitable for a cold winter. Ut Ha Quan’s spicy fish stomach noodle soup is filled with sour broth like common fish noodles, eaten with spicy fish stomach and/or other crispy fried fish fillets such as mackerel. The crunchy sea fish stomach mixing with the spiciness will make your winter like more like sunshine.


3. Banh mi

Honestly, if you ask Hanoians which is the best banh my, you probably won’t get a satisfactory answer. Banh my stalls is like convenience stores in Japan, available almost everywhere. There is no fixed recipe for bread, so you can choose any banh my stalls on your way.

Lan Anh Banh mi


Cot Dien Quan’s Banh my on hot plate

What is your definition of banh my? Is this meat, omellete and herbs squeezed in a bread? Banh my on hot plate is the deconstructive version of your casual banh my. Everything squeezed in a bread now spreading out on a hot plate. In form, it may look like a steak dish but the pate, sunny up egg, sausage, and mashed potato are displayed on a hot plate covered in shimmering broth. Where is the bread, you may ask? Bread is served outside the dish so you can either dip in the broth or eat together with the compartments.


4. Coffee

Coffee, the trademark of Hanoi. Coffee and café are so popular that they become a casual greeting, “Café?” if you want to hang out with your friends. Unlike banh my, you have to be careful with your choice of café.

Giang café

Giang café, one of the ultimate four café in Hanoi, is the first café serving egg coffee. As aromatic as cappuchino yet the fragance of Hanoi is lingering, a cup of egg coffee is wating for you to take a small sip and enjoy.


Dinh café

Quietly in a cafe by Hoan Kiem Lake, Dinh’s owner has been pouring coffee for more than 30 years for people who want to be embraced by quietness and peace. The coffee beans are roasted and grinded manually and the café’s first owner was the daughter of the owner of Giang café.


The above are enough for you to book a trip to Vietnam? If it is the case, contact us and we would be delightful to be your companion. You will be offered with multiple services as to enjoy the Vietnam to the fullest.


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