1. Culinary Positions: Executive Chef/Chef

Vietnamese name: Bếp trưởng

Role: The executive chef is the person who has full authority in the kitchen in the restaurant, responsible for operating and supervising all activities of the department to ensure the quality of the dishes, food hygiene and safety and maintaining food costs. Most importantly, the chef is the one who plans, prepares and cooks in the kitchen.

2. Culinary Positions: Cook Assistant

Vietnamese name: Phụ bếp

Role: The Cook Assistant is responsible for assisting the chef with tasks such as ensuring food supplies, handling leftovers, preparing ingredients, testing new recipes, cleaning utensils and kitchen space. In the kitchen, there can be many cook assistants for a cooking stage.

Vietnamese Translation for 8 Culinary Positions in a Hotel

3. Culinary Positions: Kitchen Steward/Dishwasher

Vietnamese name: Nhân viên rửa bát

Role: Dishwasher is an employee in the kitchen, responsible for operating and maintaining equipment and tools to clean dishes, cutlery, to clean machines, equipment, cooking utensils, and wipes stoves, ovens, sinks and food dishes, sweep and mop kitchen floors.

4. Culinary Positions: Waiter/Waitress

Vietnamese name: Nhân viên phục vụ

Role: Waiters/Waitresses are responsible for taking orders and serving food and drinks to guests at the table. Waiters/Waitresses also introduce the menu, recommend dishes, serve wine, and if required, directly comment on the quality of the food to the chef or executive chef.

5. Culinary Positions: Hostess

Vietnamese name: Nhân viên tiếp đón khách

Role: The Hostess is responsible for welcoming and arranging seats for guests in the restaurant. During peak hours, the hostess manages the number of empty tables, the order of guests waiting and finding a reasonable seat for guests. At restaurants that require a reservation, the hostess checks the name of the person who made the reservation.

6. Culinary Positions: Food runner

Vietnamese name: Nhân viên chạy món

Role: The food runner is the assistant to the waiter/waitress. Their main task is to deliver the food to the table when it has been prepared by the kitchen.

7. Culinary Positions: Bartender

Vietnamese name: Nhân viên pha chế rượu

Bartenders prepare alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages at the hotel bar. The bartenders also serve fruit as a side dish or accompaniment to wine or cocktails.

8. Culinary Positions: Barista

Vietnamese name: Nhân viên pha chế cà phê

Baristas serve popular coffees like espresso, cappuccino or americano, etc. Each hotel has its own coffee shop, and baristas work mainly in the morning, with breakfast included.

The above is a list of positions in the Culinary department and their respective Vietnamese translations. You can learn more about other positions and Vietnamese names in other articles in our series Vietnamese Names and Roles in Hotels.