Which one: Freelance translators or Translation agencies?

Which one: Freelance translators or Translation agencies?

In Industry 4.0, freelancers emerged as an option for short, cost-effective translation projects. But with these advantages, there are also challenges that can be overcome only with the accompany of an translation agency. This can be a trade-off between translation quality and cost and many other reasons for clients to consider.

Should you choose a freelance translator or a translation agency for your project?

This is really a difficult question to get a satisfactory answer for each of them will bring you different values. We must admit that we are also working with many top quality freelancers, who take responsible for their work and adhere to our stringent translation requirements. This is also the necessary additional resource for us to quickly expand our capacity to serve our clients.

Of course, there exist some fundamental differences between a freelance translator and a translation agency that you need to keep in mind.

#1. Agencies have a more comprehensive translation workflow

Agencies like AM Vietnam always carry out their work as per professional procedures. They also have reliable people in charge of each process to make sure the product meets the requirements.

Normally, a freelancer can only handle individual task such as Translation or Editing, then you need to hire more people to to perfect your translation.

#2. Higher costs for a complete translation compared to agencies

A common misunderstanding clients have is that translation, editing, proofreading, … can be done by a single person. A translation is a product generated through brainwork and it takes independent steps to achieve quality goals. Freelancers will provide you with a translation that has not been edited and reviewed or controlled for a low cost. However, a complete translation should not be delivered at such cost while there are potential risks in terms of progress, quality and cost.

Which one: Freelance translators or Translation agencies?

#3. Translation companies take more responsibilities than freelancers

That is because companies operate under legal entities and are responsible for their work to clients. It is very difficult for clients to successfully file compensation claims against collaborators but it is possible to do so with translation companies.

 #4. Freelance translators have more flexibility

For their distinct freedom style, it is understandable that flexibility also comes along the line. Freelance translators can work 24/7 or can negotiate more easily over prices when a big project comes in.

#5. Higher capacity with translation agencies

Translation company converges all the factors to be able to meet the needs of volume, quality and progress for clients. For example, if you need to translate 100,000 words within 5 days, instead of finding 10 freelance translators you should choose a reputable translation company to do this. They have a quality process and an abundant workforce available.

 #6. Agencies have better overall quality

You can choose 10 freelancers to work on a translation project, but it will be difficult to control and ensure that these they all provide translations of the same quality. You may need experienced people to manage this.

#7. Freelancers have an advantage over small projects

If you have a project that only needs one translator, a freelance translator is a good help in this case. Of course there are still risks, but if you can accept them then this is a great choice.

Conclusion: How to decide?

In this article we compare a translation agency and a freelance translator. However, in order to choose a reputable translation company with a strong workforce, you need direct and objective assessments.

How you decide depends on the nature of the project you have in hand. For example, if a translation that does not require much attention to details, meticulous review or high quality, freelance translators are a good choice. On the other hand, if you need someone to take responsibility for your translation, consider choosing reputable translation companies.

Which one: Freelance translators or Translation agencies?


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