Legal translation services in Vietnam

Our team of lawyers and translators has more than 20 years of experience in providing legal advice and translating legal documents.

Legal document translation​

Legal translations are performed by experienced legal professionals in accordance with an internationally recognized 5-step standard practice process.​

Text proofreading​

Legal documents such as contracts must comply with linguistic and grammatical standards and must be free from typos or confusing expressions.​

Typesetting & formatting​

The contracts or legal documents need to be formated in accordance with the design standards. The forms of documents also display the branding features of the business to creat a strong impression on the target audience.​

Legal Interpretation​

Whether arbitration or contract negotiation, we have highly qualified team of talented interpreters to take care of the most challenging legal interpretation jobs.​

We provide professional legal translation services in Vietnam

Legal sector plays a particularly important role in business operations. Translators need working experience and legal knowledge to be able to correctly use legal terms and language. Our resources have the capacity and experience to meet clients’ expectations for the quality of legal translations.


Confidentiality is one of the clients’ requirements upon engagement of a translation vendor. AM Vietnam has a strong commitment to ensure the safety and integrity of the information that customers provide.


AM Vietnam translations are charged per our direct production process, providing clients with a cost optimization model along with quality and responsiveness perfection.

Fast & Reliable

It doesn’t take long to find the right translator for your project. They are all here and ready for the legal translation job you entrust.

We understand the importance and expectations of our clients for the legal translations. At AM Vietnam, our team include legal counsels, specialized experts and experienced translators working together to deliver premium legal translations. AM Vietnam team is prepared to produce perfect legal translations towards the success of clients.


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