Legal documents are everywhere. Sometimes you can find them in the small print at the bottom of an advertisement, or on a receipt for something that you purchased. They can also be found in the form of legal statements or disclaimers on websites. Other times a legal document may be something personal to you, like a will, power of attorney or a contract.

Here we will look at some situations where you might need a legal document and who you can contact to create it for you.

Do I need a legal document?

There are many types of legal documents covering different situations. Depending on your issue, you may need a specific type of legal documents.

Legal documents can help protect you, for example, you may need a legal document to put in writing something you have agreed with someone else.

It can be very important to set down the full details of what has been agreed in writing so, if things go wrong, you can prove what was agreed between you and the other person. A legal document may “say” exactly what will happen if either one of you breaks the agreement.

Types of common legal documents in Vietnam

Legal documents for legal reasons

There are situations where you must have a certain type of document for legal reasons. Some of these have to be prepared in a certain way. Some of the legal documents you may encounter include:

  • Will (Testament)- a legal document that expresses a person’s wishes as to how their property is to be distributed after their death and as to which person is to manage the property until its final distribution.
  • Deed of Trust – a legal instrument which is used to create a security interest in real property wherein legal title in real property is transferred to a trustee, which holds it as security for a loan between a borrower and lender.
  • Contract (Agreement) – a commitment between two or more parties relating to do or not a certain thing within the legal framework. A contract usually contains terms that describe specific tasks and assignments, cost, responsibility, and the roles of the parties to the contract. You can use contracts to give exact details of what has been agreed between you and another person.
  • Rental Agreement – a valid legal document legal made between the owner of a property and a renter (e.g. for the purpose for housing tenure) who desires to have temporary (fixed term) possession of the property.
  • Labor Contract – an agreement between an employee and an employer on a paid job, working conditions and the rights and obligations of each party in industrial relations.
  • Power of attorney – a legal document that recognizes authorization of a principle to another person to act on its behalf and perform one or more tasks within the scope specified in the power of attorney and as authorized by law.
  • Service Agreement – an agreement between a service user and a service provider that outlines the provision and use of a service.
  • Consulting Agreement – a contract defining the terms of service between a consultant and its client. Examples are legal consulting services contracts, business consulting agreements, independent contractor agreements, or freelance agreements.
  • Licensing Agreement – a contract in writing between two parties, in which any property owners allow another party to use such assets in a list of specifications. Licensing Agreements are also known as License Agreements, Franchises, which typically involve licensors and licensees. For example: using brand name, franchises.

Who can help you create legal documents?

You can find many forms of legal documents available on the Internet for your reference. Sometimes the materials you found seems adequate for your need, but if you are not familiar with the law or are not confident with what you got, you can look at some more resources below.

  • Find a Lawyer you can trust. They can create legal documents for you and make sure you can rely on them when you need to.
  • Check with the authorities to request available forms. In some specific cases, you may need to fill in forms required by regulatory authorities.
  • You can require assistance from AM Vietnam if you need a Lawyer or wish to contact the Authorities.