Creative Marketing translation services

Creative Marketing translation services

To launch a product to the market and make it widely known, an attractive message is a must. Your core message needs to be expressed in a way that goes beyond the popular languages. The same strategy should be required for its converted versions in foreign languages. Be creative, or get dull. That’s why you need to look for creative marketing translation services for your marketing materials.

What are marketing materials?

Marketing materials include materials related to the introduction, description of a product or a service, or promotional materials, research reports, and sales forecasts intended to assist in business, customer development and market expansion.

In fact, we are exposed to a variety of marketing materials every day, such as:

  • Leaflets and brochures introducing products and services
  • Websites for sales and service provision
  • Market trend and competition reports
  • Online or newspaper advertising contents
  • Global marketing – sales strategies

Marketing materials can be in print or electronic form (usually in the form of websites and video clips) depending on the intended use of the authors.

Why do we need to translate marketing materials?

There are many reasons why an institution or individual needs to translate their marketing materials into another language, such as Vietnamese or English.

Some popular reasons include:

  • Penetrate other markets
  • Attract customers and support local agents in sales
  • Develop marketing strategies that fit the market culture
  • Do market analysis on competitive indicators, opportunities and risks

Translation ensures that your marketing materials are properly presented in multiple languages.

Important criteria for a marketing material translation

Marketing is like an arrow that helps businesses penetrate the target market. For that arrow to hit the target, it will be necessary to sharpen it as well as know the target to prepare the right arrow.

Some important criteria for marketing material translation:

  • Be highly creative and engaging
  • Convey the core and accurate messages
  • Employ language and expressions that are suitable for the market and consumer culture
  • Use creative terms and phrases
  • Secure fast delivery & strict confidentiality

In addition, we have developed a set of criteria for each specific activity and fused them into a well-thought-out process. That helps us guarantee that the final products satisfy or even go beyond our clients’ expectations.

Process for creative marketing materials translation services of AM Vietnam

If you are looking for a vendor of marketing transcreation services, take a look at our professional process below:

Iso 17100 process for creative marketing translation services
Iso 17100 process for creative marketing translation services
Each step is performed by well-trained translators, with professional skills and outstanding expertise. This contributes to build AM Vietnam as the first choice of many international institutions.

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Creative Marketing translation services

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